240 hr marathon : what will the winner prove?

besides the fact that he/she plays round the clock?

I’d like to know what poker skills will he/she prove over others…

Thanks, XOV.

how about a ring game tourney of 240 hr marathon instead? The net points gained/lost over 10 days will be shown in leaderboard.

The 240 hour marathon is a SnG tournament. =) We’re issuing it as a special challenge for players that want to test their skill, especially against the record holder! Mostly, it’s a really neat way to experience SnG Hold’em in a different environment, with different goals. Rest assured, there will be more promotions and never any shortage of poker. Holler if you think we’re missing out on something!

The details for the 240 hour marathon can be found here, too: https://www.replaypoker.com/promotions/240-hour-sng-marathon

I dont know why it is so difficult to understand what I’,m sayin. I want quality over quantity which a ring game marathon would bring in whereas sng marathon’s leaderboard of total tourney points is basically a reflection of who doesnt have a life.


The 240 hour marathon is SnG, SnG is equivalent to ring game marathon . It is, like you call your mum Julie or mum. Same.

I think, (you know my mind is twisted,) so may got this. you mean set a room, and who play longest at that table. Or any table? Or set by winning ammount of chips? Or both?
That actually would bring or make more players stay in game.

It is simple, Replay Poker has monthly leaderboards, these leaderboards has often restrictions (best x a month or based on average).for extra promotions we use often an other set up…
With a promotion like this it is fun to play with a group of people who play many of these SnGs.

You can play for it or ingnore it, some will like it, some not, everyones own choice!

maybe it would be better if you try not wrapping your mind around it. is it a rocket science to understand ring is negative and sng is non-negative addition. a player played for half an hour can finish above many in ring whereas its not the same in sng.

i dont find the lack of clarity and logic in ur statement funny at all.

all promotions benefit quantity of play, mtt doesnt provide avg, yearly leaderboards has top 75 tourney points taken into consideration again inviting random bingoing for dedicated leaderboard hunters. only sng provides avg. so all in all 90% is mainly abt quantity and 10% quality.

i’d say its high time at least some promotions provide more room for quality.

Not meant to be funny. It was a valid explanation.

You should be more clear. Step by step.

In my humble opinion,not everyone is a tourney player! Sitting for hours at a time is not my cup of tea,how about making the ring tables a bit more fun with some emotes,it might encourage some people to chat.After all poker is suppose to be a fun social experience when it is not actual money. :-0
And I would like to suggest making it an option to show your chip (bank) or not
I think what is in my bank is my business alone and so do many others on here. To show or not to show should be an option and not difficult to implement

I agree - my business alone

_Sorry Marcipan,i know it was not on topic but I don’t know how to start another.Hope it gets moved to the proper place and gets results :-)the settings under our pics,that was so easy to access and now I’m lost.
and please Gatzby,give us the option to hide or show our bank balance,without being able to hide it I won’t be buying any chips…sorry

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that would be more close to that topic.
No need to be sorry.
Gatzby can move the comments, but implement any change is up to the RP team in whole.
As you see, some actually want more transparent the chip count, not less. This cases its very difficult to decide to RP bend one or the other side.
BTW, soon the chip-count wont metter, or les transparent, becouse the rank will be based on performance, rather then the chip count alone.


to you and the staff gatzby, you people are doing a fantastic job, keep up the great work for a great site !!

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How do you evaluate performance? I’m just curious. Do you watch VPIP/PRF, CBET/3BET stats? Do you only take into account the % of pot won. Do you correlate it with big pots? In blind levels? Just seem impossible to me.

Lol it can’t just be the % of pots won or the worst players would be ranked the highest. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont have any info anymore, but RP work on that a long time now, should be ok. Sure is some not going to like, sure will be adjusments.

For me, my opinion only, the net chips. The whole point of poker to win. So, without daily bonus, and any free chips.

And bought chips. I’d like that net chip ranking.

The problem is that money makes money so if someone buys 10 million and turns it into 11 million then that’s gonna give them a very high rank… That’s still not fair, there might not be a perfect system at all.

I agree,

It doesn’t really matter anyway because you ought to be able to spot fishes/solid players quickly regardless of ranking.