2 tables at same time

how can someone play at 2 tables-same time? seems unfair when i’m trying to get on a table and have to wait & wait & wait

You can open a new table. Others will join you.

I agree in real poker you can not play at two tables. and no Happiness people do not always join at a new table. It is a problem especially on the 15-30 thousand table. One table at a time should be implemented.

ditto to that

Everything has 2 sides.

Indeed, often only 1 high stake table (15k / 30k blinds) open.Sometimes a 2nd table can run, but ONLY when some players take a seat at a 2nd table. But often they play only 1 table there.

If players play only 1 room, the only difference i see is that there are less tables open. If than all tables are filled up, you still have to wait or open a new table.

And that is the problem. Players like to join a full table and not open / start a new one. Sometimes i see 3 players on a waitinglist, but not a new open table.

On bigger sites you get more choices sometimes “join waiting list " or " find a seat”

done that…you still spend a lot of time waiting and i do not like playing with one or two players while waiting for more players…it’s all good. I just couldn’t understand how 1 could be at 2 tables at same time.

you’er still the #1 poker site and i love plying here…keep up the good work,


Hi tommybg23

Maybe you found out already, but can be handy for others too.

You can open 2 tables. Put 1 table on the right side of your screen and the other table on the left side. By using the arrows ( right top of the room) you can rotate the room. That way you can sit one table at the right and other table on the left side, so you can see both seats and you can see if it is your turn at both tables

Also you can make your room bigger by stretching all sides of the room. And you can make it smaller by pushing in the sides.

Glad to hear you love to play at ReplayPoker!

Greetings Happiness

The “find a seat” button we’re already planning on adding. I think that will help a bit to persuade players to open new tables rather than just wait in the waiting list. Once we attract more player than players playing on more than one table becomes less of an issue. In fact I think we want to encourage playing on multiple tables just because it means there are more tables to choose from - as long as we can persuade players to open new tables. The argument that you can’t play more than one table in real-life is true, but the reality is that multi-tabling in online play is now a standard feature, and although we want to give players a similar experience to what they get at home or in the casino, we also need to accept that online play is and will always been different, with some advantages and some disadvantages over regular play. I think one of the advantages is that you can play on multiple tables if you so choose.

One table cant implemented as common in the net. All site let you play like thet. Im sure, you will play multi tables soon as you get better and one just make you bored.