2 pair just beat my trips?

2 pair just beat my trips???

put me back in tourney’


Hi boatflop

You mean this hand? http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/78931193

There were 5 players in the hand until the end, 4 of them were all in with all their chips but with different amounts. Than arise different amounts of chips (pots) players can win (side pots). You went all in with 683 chips, other players went all in (or called the bets) with more chips.

When you go all in with 683 chips, you can never win more than 683 chips from the other players. The winning hand was flsuh, that player had 1534 chips in the pot, that player won the hand (he got your chips you had in the pot) Also he can not win more chips from other players than he had in the pot. So the rest of the pot went to the player with 2 pair. He had the best hand of the players who build that side pot.

Greetings Happiness.

err 630+83 , not 683. Its not make different to the outcome, just sayin…

in a easy way.

" siven" win with Flush the main pot. The main pot included your chips.

The side pot you have nothing to do, basically “thh” win thet from “SharonSmarty” and “rjbradford”

You do not have chips in side-pot.

Its quet common mistake by others too, so, dont worry about it “boatflop”.


marcipan – have you voted for Omaha 8 yet.

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