2.5K ticket schedule

I can’t seem to find a link to the schedule of when these tourneys are offered. any help would be appreciated, with perhaps a link. Thanks

I just checked and they are available. A lot of them have zero players. This should work for SnG’s and MTT’s

  1. uncheck Hide Running and Favs Only
  2. Buy-in: All
  3. Sort Buy-in column to Ascending and scan list.

I hope this helps.

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Yep, i have about 35 of these 2.5k tickets BUT hard to use, cannot find games with players, just 0 players:( usually

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Bill, you can use them to enter any tournament with a 2500 Chip entry free. It gives you the option to either enter using Chips or a Ticket. Choose ticket, bob’s your uncle.


I guess it depends on the time of day. I play late at night/early morning because of my work schedule. I usual bypass 7 card stud( I hate that game), and play a small Royal tourney using a ticket. Better odds and better payout and none of those hated bring-ins in 7 card stud. But it seems easier to win the tickets than to actually use them at this point.

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Yep, i play late 2 and very hard to use, wish i could sale them lol.

Welp…I am up to 72 tickets now. I do agree, I wish there was a way to trade them for actual chips. I think I brought that up about a year ago, but nothing ever happened. Heck…I would actually trade a ticket for 1000 chips, if something like that was available.

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Well I guess the only way to convert them into chips is to enter tournaments with them and hope to finish in a paying position. That’s what they’re there for.

Hi @Howie_Long,

Congratulations on earning that much tickets. There are tons of tournaments where you can use them. I have here my lobby page for MTTs showing tournaments with 2.5k ticket buy-in. https://www.replaypoker.com/lobby/mtts/5959981

If you have a tournament you’re interested in playing, I highly recommend registering for it even if there are no other players registered. What I’ve noticed on the site is that if players are not seeing other players, then they’re not likely to play on that tournament. If you want more players to get on the tournaments you want, I suggest getting on them. It encourages other players to register if they see some already on there.

Each tournament has a minimum number of players required and if that is not met, then the tournament won’t happen and the chips or tickets will be refunded to you.

You can keep track of all the tournaments you’re currently registered for under “My Games and Tournaments” on the right side of the Dashboard:

I hope that helps.


Thanks much. Certainly good info I will use.

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You’re welcome, @Howie_Long and have a wonderful weekend! :slight_smile:

Yep, i did get to use some of my 5k tickets but many of them 2 and would sale them and 2.5k tickets for 40% if i could lol.

Going to try to adjust my schedule this weekend to see if I can find more 2.5K tourneys to play.

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If I remember correctly, the annual RPOS tournament preliminary tourneys allow you to use your 2.5K tickets to upgrade to higher 20K tickets. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to upgrade during this time period. I think it’s something like 2 or 3 weeks.

The 20K tickets in turn will allow you to participate in one of the 30 qualifying tourneys which will allow you to participate in the Final RPOS Game which you can’t buy into.

Based on the previous year’s rules, you have to win one of the qualifiers to participate in the Final Game.

Something to think about because this is probably the best Tournament which Replay offers.


That is a problem 2, finding the time to use them…

Just a reminder all tickets have an expiration date. So, it’s a use’em or lose’em situation. And, they can be used in both SnG’s and MTT’s which means you can just start a 2.5k or whatever denomination ticket you have SnG game.

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How do we know when they expire?


  1. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right corner on your Lobby page.
  2. Click on your Bank option.
  3. Scroll page until you get to Statistics section. All of your tickets should be shown with their expiration dates.

I believe each of the ticket denominations have different expiration dates and the expiration dates are time sensitive e.g., you win a ticket with a 1 year expiration date and win another of the same denomination 8 months later. The first will show expiring in 4 months and the latter expiring in 1 year.

I hope this helps.


Thanks smooth99, I wasn’t aware either that tickets had an expiration date. This is what I see: