1v1 fixed limit glitch/bug on Turn. VERY DANGEROUS

If you select ‘raise any’ and are the second player in a 1v1 fixed limit tournament and the other player checks first, it folds you instead of raising. This lost me 2 significant hands in a 1v1 today. Only by the second did I understand what had happened in the first.

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fix pls thanks


I’ve sent it to the staff for you, asked them to check it out.

It happens on the river as well. Not turn only.

Hey GenuineLiar, thanks for the heads up!

Could you provide us with a bit more information? Did you happen to note any of the hand or tournament IDs? We’d really like to review them and see what the server says is going on, so we can pass it on to our developers for further investigation. =)

The information collected here might be useful as well: http://www.whatsmybrowser.org/


the hand would supply zero proof of me selecting raise any. Her i s how the hands appear (it turns out it isn’t only the turn who does it, this lost me a huge hand in a game where i raise any’d the flop and had flopped 3 of a kind playing LAG up until then so it was the turning point and i couldn’t take advantage).

It appears this way:

Person A has selected the check tickbox (or check/fold, i’m unsure which) then when they check my raise any activates as a fold action so it looks like i ticked fold to any bet WHICH I DID NOT TICK

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Thanks for the update GenuineLiar. It certainly sounds like a glitch with the Raise Any checkbox. Not many players use it, so it’s quite possible an issue like this has gone unreported up until now. We’ll make sure to get it fixed, I suggest for now to refrain from using it. If you drop our support team a message mentioning this topic and how many chips you missed out on as a result, we can investigate and apply a refund to you account. We really appreciate you reporting the issue.

Ok thank you. This only seems to happen in fixe dlimit heads-up so only investigate there.

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