1k Bankroll builder Tourney

2 people had Aces and fives. Me and some other person. Chips were divided between the other guy and someone who had QUEENS and fives. Just happened. I ended up busted.

Hi Goin4theriver,

It looks like this is the hand: https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/137045915

The replay shows that you folded your hand, which could have been a mis-click of the game buttons, it doesn’t look like you timed out or lost your connection. Then the pot was split between zorba1 and bobbic due to the side pots that occurred during the hand. Since zorba1 was already all-in and bobbic continued betting, bobbic just basically got back their uncontested chips from the pot.

I hope that helps clarify what happened.

Cheers, Lesley

There is no way i folded that. Ace/Jack. Before flop. I was the one who kept raising too. I would have won the whole pot. Better kicker than other person. These supposed mis - clicks are costing me big time. 2nd time this has happened in 10 days. The other one cost me 25,000. it was a ring game.