10k SURVEY - What are the top three reasons why you visit our forum?

SERIOUSLY bored and LOVE reading total *RAP from the crybabies and whiners. Some of the jokes and puzzles.
And lastly, I love seeing “Silent Bill” able to write what he feels instead of being unfairly muted.

  1. Keeping up with my leagues results and good natured banter
  2. The music threads are always fun. Finding out what type of music my friends enjoy and sharing my somewhat eclectic musical tastes.
  3. Learning about promotions, leagues, updates. The Forum Duo league, getting to Beta test the PKO tournaments and provide feedback, hype and suggest improvements with the marathons and helping them get rolling. All of these were possible thru the forums.

1- Reading everyone’s contributions to the forum, good stuff round these parts!
2- Posting results and accolades for the private leagues I organize or am a part of.
3- Music! discovering bands and artists from around the world I may have never come across.


1.see whats new
2.see if any new tournaments worth looking at
3.see what frustrates some players…


1-To post scores in leagues I run and to put info about any changes made.
2-Seeing any new promotions or surveys.
3- Seeing if there are any question I may be able to help with in Players Helping Players


1- To lol at some of the funny post 2-To see all the ppl. still saying this fun free site is fixed against them 3- To see what puts a person on tilt by their comments

  1. To see what’s happening at Replay
  2. I love the Music forums, Joke of the Day, and Puzzels and Games
  3. Thought of the Day, and The Not Complaining threads.
    I would also like to say that I love the monitoring on the Forum. I know for me, it has kept me from "going off’ on someones comments in the heat of the moment :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

read any interesting threads/post.

read updates about replay

participate forum contests

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  1. To see if anyone I know has made a thread and post a comment.
  2. Sometimes post a thread myself.
  3. To simply look around and see what’s going on (if there’s anything worth my while).
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1.To keep updated on promotions, tournaments and anything else that might be new.
2.To see what other players are having issues with.
3.To be amused by the rants and complaints.

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1…To hear what people have to say
2…To discuss concerns and help new players.
3…To laugh at the trolls…

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1 Main reason I visit forum is to post on music threads - _mainly Afrobeat / afro fusion / hi life and live performances -and see what others are posting - sometimes hear something which hits a sweet spot!

  1. Look at and post on the cookery threads -

3 look at the software issue / update and promotions threads for info

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  1. to gain poker knowledge
  2. entertainment, some threads are very funny
  3. the music forum
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see tips see what players are complaining about , see if I am missing anything

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! To play poker and chat with friends
2 To keep up with the goings on in the league I belong to
3 I just love to play poker and this site is as close to real money type play as I have found

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  1. Updates, News
  2. Music, Jokes
  3. Contests, Surveys
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1 just love playing
2 competition
3 reading comments about others outlooks

  1. To take in the information everyone give at this table of knowledge
  2. To see what’s being spoken about and enjoy the different personalities- I will often think about what the person behind a comment is in the real world- looks, job, life status- it’s a laugh
  3. To improve my non existent skill at playing myself
  1. To see what’s going on.
  2. To get tips that I can improve my game on.
  3. To make comments, like: “How come my 200+ day streak was reset when I logged in on the next day but maybe 1 hour later than usual?”
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I have no reason to visit your forum.
If i need some info, and i do occasionally, than i e-mail to replay poker.
Only their answer might direct me to your forum, nothing else.