100K CONTEST - Where are you from?

Replay Poker is home to players from all over the world!

This month, we’d like to know: Where are you from?

This question is up for interpretation! Whether it’s your hometown, where you are now, or simply a place you feel a close connection to, we’d love to hear it. Tell us a little bit about it!

One question we get from many of our players is how to connect with others in their country. This is a feature we’re thinking over, but in the meantime, please feel free to use this thread to connect and chat with others – whether you have a place in common, or if it’s somewhere you’d like to know more about!

Five random players will receive 100,000 chips at the end of the month – and we’ll double the winners if we get more than 100 unique replies!

Only your first response counts, but we encourage conversation. Best of luck, and happy sharing!

I’ll start: I’m originally from Georgia in the US, and now live in Oregon. Opposite sides of the country, but both such beautiful areas!


I’m from Rhode Island, USA and after traveling the world in the Marine Corps came home and settled here. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country but with the biggest heart :heart: and is called “ the ocean state” because we have over 400 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. New England is a beautiful place to live with 4 seasons. Come visit ! :blush:


i live in northern Germany right on the Beach. The wonderful View is relaxing, just let ur soul dangle. There ´re a lot of Tourists here in the Summer, which is good for the city, but rather stressful for us Residents. Nevertheless, life is very good here and there is a great Neighborhood. Incidentally, u can also meet many international celebrities here. See u


I’m from Northern California, very near Oregon. When we are mad at our state of California, we say we’re from Baja, Oregon. (A little local joke.) The Pacific Ocean is the western boundary of our county, the state of Oregon is the northern boundary, and some of the tallest trees in the world form our county’s eastern boundary. In case of tsunami, we’ll be climbing those trees.


I’m originally from Antares 5, but my home world is so bright, it was costing me a fortune in sunglasses. Earth is far dimmer, so here I am, studying primates


I’m from the future, but with world events as they are, maybe not.


Born in Michigan til 10 yrs old then onto the Ocean side of Virginia- later lived on Va-Tennesse Border for decade… Moved towards relatives in Oklahoma for decade + and eventually met future Wife while on a plane flight and She was headed to one of the most interesting places around - Eureka Springs Arkansas where My Grandma lived in a giant and truly spooky House. I met up with Her and been together since…We Married and eventually I moved to Her Place in Saint Louis til Her Retirement… Last Decade+ We have lived in a small Island community and now jus few miles inland in the Woods of the Nature Coast of Florida in a protected Wildlife area.


I have 2 residences, Salisbury Maryland & Ocean City. Salisbury is the largest city on MD’s Eastern Shore, with a University, Baltimore Oriole’s baseball farm league stadium., Zoo / City Park & many activities. Summers, we rent out our condo in Ocean City which is a resort town 30 miles from our home, located on the Atlantic Ocean. It features miles of beach and a wooden boardwalk lined with restaurants, shops and hotels.


On my bucket list!!!


I love Germany! My last Girl friend was from Germany,we was together for 5 years,now we best friends,but long distance relations dont work! I went to Germany once a month,to Berlin and then take the train to Nordhausen and to Obergbra! I can Berlin very good,all the wait for the train! Have to say you are a very kind peopel you germans,not so good in englisch,but so warm hearted! Tried to learn the language,to har for me even if swedish is very similar in many ways! If you can go to Obergebra,littel village,stunning peopel,and the nature!!!


I am Born and lived all my life in Stockholm Sweden,have seen it grown to a big city with all peopel from all the world! Its a beautiful city,close to the nature even if its a big city with all and close to the sea! Its a good country to live in! My favorite place in the world is Öregrund,my familys summer place,2 houer drive up north of Stockholm! There you are free,the sea,the nature! i go now all year even in winter!


Love Ocean City and of course it’s world famous lump Crab :crab: cakes :+1:t2::blush:




pawtucket rhode island


I am from a little town called Stag Harbour, in the province of Newfoundland, Canada.


stiti deja …langa razboi…poate faceti si voi ceva!!!




Im from Ocean Park Washington. Beautiful pacific Ocean coastline


I’m Canadian, and a Bluenoser. My family fished and farmed up until after WWI, then my grandfather fiddled at dances, and paid his way through college in the 20s. We are now city folk, but I long to be ‘Down Home’, where I spent much of my childhood and youth.


Some of the beaches I’ve seen in your state, have tons of agates. I’d love to do some rock hunting. We have quartz and amethyst, but aggies are rare finds. :slight_smile:

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