100K CONTEST - What about poker are you thankful for?

playing in tournaments has taught me to be more patient, waiting for the right moment. Not a bad thing for a 68 year man to learn.

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I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made on Replay and I’m thankful for all the great tournaments Replay has!

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Thanks to Replay Poker I have learned a lot and it is a lot of fun. Thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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I enjoy making friends and passing the time. Being retired poker keeps my mind stimulated.

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The pleasure of meeting good and multiple players. I particulary enjoy the head to head games as well as the tournaments.This maked me passionate about your site and which gives me great sensations…

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I like the site and it helps me playing real poker…

spending time with all types of players good bad and ugly

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I am thankful for all the friends I made playing poker throughout the past 10 years

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Ok here goes ill bear my soul Ive always needed to learn patience. Ive always needed to learn humilty. with this game i am learning both. that will be both a joy and a blessing. And at the same time i just might have a chance to learn more about myself.

Just having some fun!!!

Playing at night to wind down and have some fun with my Replay Poker friends. It is also a wonderful way to keep your mental skills sharp too.

All things poker teaches, patience , Perserverance, and that kj will win as much as ace, ace. banter, greed, and friendships.

I love online poker and this is my favorite site. I’ve tried others and they just stack up. I play on Wednesday nites in a tournament and find I am doing better at a live table. Was thankful for this site during a convalescent period of a year and the Covid shutdown. (Another year!)

This site is pretty good, but sometimes it’s total nonsense when some players play like crazy. It really spoils the pleasure of relaxing when it’s just a game and not a way to express aggression… In any case, it also allows me to meet friendly and courteous people, which is already a victory ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thankful that the players here are generally friendly and courteous, while challenging you with their skill. Now and then I come across a bad apple or a phenomenal winner, but there’s always another table to start over.

The memories, thanks.

Its the rewards that keep wanting to play more and more!!!


I like playing on this site because it’s almost insult-free. I’ve also made a lot of friends who I enjoy playing with. Poker is my passion and has been for decades. Keep up the good work and I’m happy.

Helps keep my brain sharp and the chance to put my best play against my fellow player’s best.