100k CONTEST POLL: What is your poker goal for 2023?

Meet people and have fun.

Im very competitive, so i really like to improve my skills in everything i do:)

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poker is the meeting’s pot

To enjoy the game and pass the time with good players


Immer besser werden und dann um Echtgeld zu spielen!
Keep getting better and then play for real money!

I of course will become the top player in this game while prepping myself forrel money games

To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women (or men, as the case may be).

Oh wait… that was Conan the Barbarian’s goal. Not mine. Nevermind.

I’d say my goal is to stop chasing flushes so much. I swear I can be like a dog that saw a squirrel. Flushes hate me.

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My resolution last year was to resist straight and flush beats, the wife was bothered often by my voicing aloud of my resolution when confronted with the opportunity. I’ve followed through. I plan on bumping up my tables, as I live in my 5k envelope. The big boys have come slumming and, for the most part, they are all human. Love replay and the folks that provide assistance, very friendly, very competent.


My goal is to find a table without a yellow pecil on a player.
Those are the “bingo” players.


I Like to play with good players.

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I agree on this one

Improve site ranking and gain experience for cash play

My Goal for 2023 on Replay Poker is to play a 1M-game

have fun.

Just have fun playing and improving my ranking

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Not really the place to improve your game , way too many bingo players on here that just call no matter what , bluffing or raising good hands is futile when you get six calling pre flop and five that never fold even when they miss . Beating them or losing is just luck .



I play for fun and Replay is the best internet site I’ve found. It keeps me busy and I think I a better poker player for it.

lets all improve

Improving my ranking without buying it is my goal. I don’t play for money anymore but did for a number of years. Money/ ranking/ chip stack is just the means to keep score.