100k CONTEST POLL: What is your poker goal for 2023?

This is a fun site with fun players, that’s why I play here

I would like to develop better skills using/calculating “odds and outs”.

Fun, testing your algorithm out of curiosity, and practicing for real games. I wasted lots of years not playing poker, so now I’m making up the lost time. Thx for your site. You “liberated” people like me !

Love Replay and really here to have a good time and earn some chips!!

I would like to improve my poker game.

To keep enjoying the ups and downs of the game and the wonderful new friends I’m making

Replay offers such a variety, that there is always a game. Sure I would like to improve my game,
but the friends / opponents, we meet here, especially in Team Leagues is the best…
The community forums where we share music, jokes , poker. strategy always fun & helpful.
Now if you would bring back emojis for us to put on the tables, would be great.
“Emofi Queen” :rofl:
Carol (RavenL0


My other…which I’ve been doing for years, is to get all my losses done with so I can win REAL money beating the s*** out of my live buddies!!

may be you could have prizes like pureplay poker. they had one tounimemt on saturday that gave $50 dillars to the winner and $10 to each top 10 players. I won $10 several times.I played every week.

thats cool new friends

Same here Sue, having new friends near and far is a big + in my book.

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I want to improve my play and my site ranking. Just for the fun of it.

i love to play poker and better my skills . so when i go play in person at a casino i know how to play the best to my ability . thank you for your site

No real goal. Like to win m
ore chips and get to 6 or 7 million.

Having my fair share of wins while accepting my losses.

Improving my site ranking

Desejo participar de diversos campeonatos e mesas com multijogadores, ganhar experiência e conquistar grandes resultados. Fazer amigos em todas as partidas que jogar e tornar cada dia mais prazeroso.

I want to participate in different tournaments and multiplayer tables, gain experience and achieve great results. Make friends in every game you play and make every day more enjoyable.

I’ve been playing for a few years now, after retiring. My goals are to move up in stake level - I’ve also participated in more contests this past year, exploring different poker styles.

practicing for real poker games

retired trying to keep busy