100k CONTEST POLL: What do you love about poker?

Poker is a great leveller. You cannot buy skill and experience, you cannot buy luck, but you can feel on top of the world if you are able to put any of this into practice and win a few games!

Poker is like fishing, you have to be patient but when the time is right you have to be ‘all over it’ & I love fishing & have a bit of patience… most of the time…


Being more social, loving the interaction with people from all walks of life.

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what I like in poker is above all that nothing is ever sure and that you can win even with a small hand or lose with a big one.

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I have been playing some aspect of poker since I was 5 with my grandparents (I will be 78 in April) I have had 3 strokes and relearned the game each time. The game has remained virtually the same in enjoyment and I love to win (although I do not often win a game anymore). I loved it when they first put the WSOP on TV the early days of Hold’ Em with Doyle and Slim those days were dramatic I loved it all. Never got to play in Vegas, actually never got to that city and now that I am “old” and poor, do not think I will do that in this life time. I love learning the new games too. And Finallt I love Replay poker, is affordable and just good fun… so ty.:heart:

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The competition between people has 2 characters, the winner and the loser, but you are competing with some people and develop an interactivity between them. Developing this interactivity may be of interest to you.

The fact that it’s a simple but challenging game to play with anybody, anywhere, the unpredictability of what happens on every hand, and most of all finding good people to play with.

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That so true, I was…

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Poker is like golf! You never really win but playing regularly is good in so many ways. The difference being golf has a physical component.

its nice way to have fun, obviously winning makes it even more fun.

It is nice to play against live players all over the world! Good job Replay Poker!

I love to observe people. The many different approaches intrigue me. I’m also good at poker so this makes for positive reinforcement.

Moi, j’aime réduire les probabilités d’échec pour avoir plus de chance de victoire de mon côté…

Me, I like to reduce the probability of failure to have a better chance of victory on my side…

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I love the different table choices. I can almost always find the right game to fit into my time slot.

i love to play i enjoy the game and the rush

fast, easy and all type of players

All together

I treat Poker as a Teacher and not as a Game / Gambling . Learnt quite a few lessons which I relate to in real life. To name a few - Discipline , Patience , Anger management , Stress management , Never give up attitude etc., Regards

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great site