100K CONTEST - New Year's Resolutions

I will not fold a winning hand

I won’t set myself up for failure or dissapointement so no new resolution I’ll continue to just try and be a better human being each day than i was the day before in some way shape or form…cheers to us all becoming better at whatever we choose to work on each day

I plan to be better and more successful than last year

My new year resolution this year is NOT to have a New Year Resolution because no matter how hard I try I never follow through with them!!! LOL !!!

Hello, win chips

What a turnout! Thanks to all of you who visited our forum to chime in with your resolutions – especially those of you who popped in for the first time. :slight_smile:

Since we got such a huge response, surprise! I’m drawing fifteen winners today! :moneybag:

Lots of great replies to the thread. Many of you want to improve your game – some even want to teach others how to play! New languages, staying healthy, changing jobs, and simply being kinder, there’s a lot of good energy you all want to put into the world this year. And of course, some of you avoid resolutions altogether. :sunglasses:

Drawing numbers via random.org, let’s hear it for our winners and their resolutions:

@hpjeannie - “Try hard to stop chasing straights and flushes!”

@Hooppop - “(1) avoid jail… ( Only past experiece was playing baseball while in college for an exhibition at Soledad State prison … Calif.(2) be more patient with senior citizen poker players and the slow play. (I’m only 77)”

@JUSTASRFING - “Help people understand that Crypto is just another form of currency, trading currency has been around forever, it’s nothing new!”

@Mstippy - “Patience and a heathier lifestyle”

@espinof - “I wish for this year and those to come that we all cultivate empathy, that is, to put ourselves in the place of others before issuing an opinion or criticism and if you cannot put yourself in their place then place yourself by their side and not in front of them.”

@northof40 - “Never spend more time playing poker than you do with your significant other!”

@Dorkupine - “not make any new year’s resolutions” (With a follow up of “Darn it!” :laughing: )

@Elizzie - “stop playing passive poker”

@Got_Em - “To become a better poker player”

@Bobs4AAAAs - “1- work on improving my health, i am 80 on jan 10, no health no life !!
2- pay more atention to the cards in front of me !!!
3- look out for the bully that places a large bet to get you to fold ! caught one this week he had nothing and i called his large bet and won !!
4- do not playh every hand just to play, look at your cards and see if you think you can make something of them
5- increase your bet until you get to the river, then bet hard because the river will kill you !!! get them to fold first!!”

@peNsgrump - “ell all my xmas presents :disappointed i have not got any im pensgrump ha ha”

@xxSONIAxx - “Respect and love every one”

@xirius2 - “win war against covid”

@ivan3 - “I want to continue traveling the world looking for amazing places and amazing people.”

@gojoe4655 - “I want to be a kinder ,nicer, person. It is not about me. “Thy Will”
I do like playing cards on this site.Competion is Excellent”

Thanks again to all our participants! Our Replay Winter Games contest is coming next month, and this time, it’s bigger than ever.