100K CONTEST - How much was your biggest pot?

45 chips. I was in the big blind, and all of my opponents folded preflop.

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a puny 271,688 chips!!

61k with an ace high straight

Over 15 million four years ago.
It’s why you always want to play a pocket pair, no matter how small :slight_smile:

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This is also a Shining example of how Not to play pocket aces preflop!


My biggest pot was 5,106,000. I was having a really bad poker day and was just trying to win back the 500K I had lost. I quit immediately when I won 5 mil in one hand.

5.2 million, 2 pair

My biggest win is 59.771.000 Chips

$119,524 was my largest pot…so far!



131,128 Chips 7 month ago.


total of 64,698, i have zero memory of playing this hand

Muy buenos dia Familia de Replay, les comento que el bote mas grande queel ganado a sido de 1.900K , Terminando 1ero en un torneo de mas de 100 participantes.
Mucha suerte a todos y a seguir disfrutando de lo que mas nos gusta


actually, my biggest seems to be 2,264,848 Chips refering to my biggest pots page, odd thing because I never had more than 600.000 chips with this account

7.8 million 4 years ago. I dunno what’s happened since!


319,488 Chips (Paquinez) 13 days ago