10 million chips

Now with bigger bb/tables graphics can become quite messy in big pots. I Recommend adding new bigger chips (5 or 10 mil should be enough) and maybe make smallest chips invisible in big pots ( less than 5k chips don’t really matter in +100k pots). This should make table way more clear and remove not so required chips from blocking overall cleanliness of table. The smaller amounts should BE the in number and in pot general, but showing them makes everything too messy atleast for me. There is also a problem that there is too much money in pot so whole table gets loaded on chips and you can’t even see the cards.


Wow - that’s a monster pot! Yeah I agree, we need to do just that - let me see if we can hide the smallest chips.

Its not more easy if the buy in can be only round up to 10k on high? and bet slide too ofc Just my two cent…

Well that would certainly fix the problem i think.