1 million freeroll today

i had over 25,000 + chips and when they rebalanced the tables it would not connect me. its happening now. i was 5th place in chips when this started. Thanks

This site is really beginning to suck as far as disconnects and losing chips while disconnected.

The program runs in flash (no download needed), your own connection, speed and the software you use are very important. Also it is important to clean your cache (cookies and browser history) regularly and sometimes it helps to use another browser and close all other running programs.

More info you find on the help page (and a link to contact support for personal help)


Greetings Happiness.

I never had a problem before. I have a 2014 apple computer. i checked the leader board when it was done and still finished in 31st place. i can’t even get 17th place chips which i certainly was going to get and most likely higher up the leader board. i have won a few free rolls. nothing can be done?

I think i’ll go somewhere else.

Try wired to your modem