1 Mil Mtt Late Reg

Ok I am now having a rant there is no reason for the 1 Mil Mtt to have different late reg rules - 10 mins or 15 mins it makes no sense

so please make this MTT consistent

If I am wrong fine but i need to know the logic behind this

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Hi Tiggy, The logic is that the three with 10 mins late registration (Black Hole 13:30 ET, Solar Eclipse 16:30 ET and Milky Way 19:30) are running during peak times attracting up to 30 players, so we do not need a long Late Reg.
On the other hand the Off Peak games are given a longer Late Registration period. Even as it is, Full Moon, Supernova and Asteroid Belt average about 15 players.

There is no one size fits all for Late registration, as the many threads and opinions offered therein show. That is the present state of play, but as always feedback is taken on board and it could be changed at a later date. - The 1 million MTT are growing as a whole and I am expecting they will become a new Gemstone League one day. We used to regularly see the Off Peak games fail to start, but now there is usually a full schedule.



@Chasetheriver thank you for taking the time to get back to me and makes sense :slight_smile:

Tiggs xx