0.936M daily profit

After busting 30th/31 in Sunday’s Golden Donks game, I was pretty surly. To be honest, I’ve been extremely surly for the past few months, and of late had been taking to venting a lot in chat, including, well, a lot of asterisks. I got a warning for that today, so I decided I’d heed it, and I played without cursing. I didn’t feel like it would hurt anyone if I just dumped a bunch of **** into the chat, because it’s censored, you can imagine what it might be, and probably chuckle, but apparently some people offend easily. I never directed it at anyone, either, always just a general exclamation against my lousy outcomes, but again if it spoiled anyone’s enjoyment of the game, I’m sorry.

Weirdly, I feel way better than I did when I was venting. I thought venting would make me feel better, but it seems to have the opposite effect? Interesting. Although, maybe that’s just because I mostly won though, it’ll be a real test if I lose a game again.

I’ve played 6 Astral Pegasus games this week, and apart from the first one where I busted 8th, I’ve moneyed in all of them. And the 3 games where I didn’t take first, I was the chip leader and really should have, but oh well. Since Sunday, my 24 hour winnings are just under 1M.

Date Total
10/21/2019 19,593,116
10/20/2019 18,657,116

Now, I’ve actually won 1M in a 24 hour period before, and I’m pretty sure I’ve done it more than once (taking 1st in a 100K MTT will do that for you very easily) but I haven’t done it in a while, because for most of the last month or two, I’ve cut way back on my SNG play, and haven’t been trying for the weekly/monthly league promotions.

I’m going to see about taking chips from the weekly promotion this week, because I’m off to such a great start, I should have a reasonably good chance at ending up somewhere near the top.


Day 2, 100K profit.

Not quite as good as Day 1. But I blew two games early, screwing around with a LAG strategy… which actually almost worked, at first, but didn’t work for very long.

I still finished ITM in 2/4 games tonight, but wins eluded me.

Date Finish
10/22 2
10/22 9
10/22 7
10/22 3

In my first win, I had to have been running in God Mode, I had such a great sense of when I shouldn’t try to play a bluff, and when I should lay down a hand that was likely beat, and when I could play a hand that wasn’t strong, but would go on to showdown as the best hand. It was uncanny, and maybe led to me being overly lax in my middle two games.

In my last game, went back to basics and played my usual game, and had better luck with it. Like I have done in most of these games I’ve played this week, I had the chip lead from fairly early on until right around the bubble, or just after, but once again it eroded, slowly but surely, until I found myself the bottom stack, not in a place I wanted to be.

When I found myself with A9s, in a hand with the chip leader, the flop came in low, they bet big at it, and I figured they were bullying me, so I shoved back, they had AA. They had bullied me several times over prior orbits leading up to this hand, but I didn’t have anything I could call with. I figured this flop didn’t connect with their range at all, but didn’t figure on them to have a monster pair in their hole.

This is something I will have to think about.

  • Sometimes, it seems I am hot right up until the end, and then I see my cards go very cold, and can’t get dealt anything higher than a 7 for like 20 hands, which is just brutal 2 or 3-handed, with the blinds at 500/1000 and up.
  • Sometimes, I’ll raise playable hands and get one of the smaller stacks to shove on me, and they’ll end up hitting something and doubling up, and then suddenly fortunes reverse and I can’t seem to put them out.
  • Sometimes, I’ll sit back and let the small stacks battle it out until there’s one left, and either I’ll get them or they’ll get me. But based on the stack advantage, I’d say they’re getting me more often than they ought to, so something must be off with my late game.

I feel like in the 7 chip wins I’ve had this week so far, aside from the 2 wins I’ve had, I should have at least 2 if not 3 others, based on my having more chips than the rest of the table combined. “Stuff” happens, so I can accept that occasionally I may get beat by the underdog, either out played or they just luck out on me. But it shouldn’t be happening to me more often than probability says it should, and if it does, it means I’m messing up somewhere. But I don’t know what probability actually says. Probably, probability says I shouldn’t be winning ITM in 70% of my games. But I’m saying, if I’m winning ITM in 70% of my games, why am I only taking 1st in 20% of them.

I’m not going to let it worry me. I’ve been playing very well lately.

0-3 tonight, can’t win with KK. KK let me down 3 times tonight, as did AA and JJ. I get players calling me down with a pair of 2s and sucking out trip 2s, I get paired flops when I have AA. I try opening and get 5-6 calls, and even when I hit someone else always hits something better. Nobody folds, and nobody loses when they don’t fold. I took a couple of big pots, but just lost them the next time like it was never mine to begin with. Well, there’s your law of averages.

Date Finish
10/23 8
10/23 6
10/23 7

Pulled out of my nosedive and finished my First 20 in First Place (probably will fall by the end of the week, but hey, I’m here.)

Date Finish
10/20 8
10/20 3
10/20 2
10/20 1
10/21 2
10/21 1
10/22 2
10/22 9
10/22 7
10/22 3
10/23 8
10/23 6
10/23 7
10/23 7
10/23 7
10/23 9
10/24 4
10/24 2
10/24 1
10/24 1

My bankroll peaked at 19.75M on Tuesday, but had fallen down to under 18.7M after a terrible day of ridiculously bad play, and I’m now back nearly to where I started, with 19.63M chips.

I do think my play deteriorated during my slide yesterday, and if I’d cut my night short after losing 300-400k, I’d probably have ended up better off, but I am glad I came back and played well and had good results tonight.


10/25 7 FALSE
10/25 2 TRUE
10/25 1 TRUE
On the week:
Wins - losses 12 - 11
ITM% 52%
Wins 5
2nd place 5
3rd place 2
4th 1
5th 0
6th 1
7th 5
8th 2
9th 2
Entry fees 2,300,000
Winnings 3,762,000
Profit 1,462,000
Profit % 64%

Bankroll over 20M for the first time.
Another 1M 24-hour day.


I guess I had a nice week. Could still do without Wednesday, lol.

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