Your 2018 Poker Goals


Looking back at the goals I set for myself I’m pretty satisfied on how everything turned out for me and my Poker goals in 2018.

I’ve occasionally played in a few medium stake ring games and MTT’s and have kept good on bankroll management.

I finished in the money in multiple MTT’s throughout year

One of the goals I fell a bit short on was wanting to win at least 5 MTT’s. If my memory is correct I won 3 MTT’s this year. Most recently I won an MTT about a week before Christmas.

I played more of Omaha this year and I’m enjoying Omaha Hi/Lo. Sometimes It’s a nice and wanted break from playing Hold’em all the time.

The last goal I set was to study the game more which I felt I did good at. I read a bunch of Poker articles online as well as watched hours of videos and real tournaments from Poker brands such as the WSOP and PokerStars. I also took the time to review hands I’ve played here on Replay and have looked for leaks in my game to see what I can Improve on.

Like I said earlier I’m satisfied with the results of the goals I’ve set for myself. Personally as a Poker player I believe my game is never 100% prefect as there is always things I can Improve on to become a better player.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings me in Poker!!!