Why online poker isnt rigged?


I get what you’re saying, but if you have a bad pRNG then starting with the last hand’s deck each time is creating a correlation between hands that would not otherwise exist. I’m not sure that this is particularly better than starting with a fresh deck each time.

If the pRNG is a good, modern one then it is so indistinguishable from random that it doesn’t matter what cards you start with each time.

What concrete evidence is there that anything distinguishable from random is happening here on this site? I’m talking something that happens unusually often statistically speaking over the course of thousands of hands. So far I have only seen speculation and anecdotes from handfuls of hands.


thank you ! many wise comments on this thread…
its like Vegas… if you have the odds (& rake) why cheat and risk it all and jail time? makes no sense… just collect the cash

yes is examples in past of iffy poker sites where some programmer insiders had ability to see cards… but not now… there is too much these billion dollar outfits would risk…

i am on many poker forums in our community… all the comments i see of hey ACR … or PokerStars, etc is rigged… truly come from bad beats … nothing factual


Great! Problem solved then. we just have to take your word for it :wink: