Who do you want position on


I want to be sitting directly across the the player with their back to the wall with the big mirror on it.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I always want the big stack(s) at my table on my left. Unless it’s me… Ha!!!


Please define across, back, wall and mirror.
By across do you mean facing, or diagonally across, or dangling from the ceiling, or in another dimension?
Back is relative, what’s back to you could be front to them, or they could be sitting sideways.
By wall do you mean concrete physical wall, or could it be abstract obstacles?
And the mirror, is it an actual mirror, or any reflective surface. And who can tell if the one on the wall is the actual mirror, or if it’s reality and we are the ones inside the mirror?
See, I like to redefine everything :nerd_face:


Are you a lawyer or a politician ? :grin: