What Type of Poker Fish Are You?


You are very welcome, GrandyB! We did our best to gain the most competent team for such a delicate and complex subject. :slight_smile:




then im a grapeel, curious how that tastes :thinking::joy:


I am a shark
why would I answer any other way??
actually I think I need a bigger boat
way fun ladies…thanks for the chuckle
P.S. im so glad fish ruth is back chatting (speaking of clown fishes and sharks)


According to some of the people I’ve played with, I’m a !@#$%!!-fish. Not sure what those are so I’ll have to take their word for it. Probably means I’m like super awesome or something :slight_smile:


The kind that puts it in his name.


Eel. 31 Points. little bit slippery. little bit slick.