What’s in a nickname...?


I live in Hadley, Ma., my first name is not Hal. But, HadleyHal sounds better than HadleyZachariah/


My pet unicorn is named Elvis and I have $7 and 77 cents in my bank account!!


Lorenzo was a famous Italian lover who I model myself after


It’s a little bit rude though, don’t you think? :thinking:


i think he knows lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t call “Screen Names” “Nicknames”… I have a nickname, my Dad gave me over 70 years ago, and I cherish it… “Winston”, on the other hand, is the name I use here because we are required to have names… lol… Better than nuthin’… :>)))


I may be a bit late to this discussion, but I had to comment. First of all, I do not want to dispel the “mystry”…so i’ll skip that explanation for the time being. I do want to comment on some of the nicknames and how they ever got by the “censorship”…maybe the double entendres eludes replay??? but I do laugh…why do players feel it essential to flaunt their attributes or opinions. I love poker and I really really like MOST poker players …so whats in a name, eh?


WHY NOT ! was my motto in high school and years after. I have scars .Wyknote is just misspelled motto. Works for me!


Wow, I thought it was a reference to Wyoming Knott, a character in Heinlein’s The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. I think I’m sorry to be wrong,lol. Good luck.


As any old-time baseball fan(80s and 90s) knows, Kirby Puckett was a very popular and fantastic ball player. Being from Minnesota, he was my favorite player, Throw in the poker reference and there you have it. I’ve had this moniker across many sites over the years and judging from the dozens of compliments, I figured someone would steal it. Haven’t seen it happen yet though.


I can be laid back like ZZ TOP’s music or go full tilt.


Waltzing Matilda wouldn’t fit


HonestNoBluff - well …does he or doesn’t he? Is he or isn’t he? Was he or …you get the idea!

If you asked “What’s in a name?” … there’s your answer!


This comment is for Winston Smith. (I seemed to have pushed the wrong button).

In case you didn’t know, Winston Smith is also the name of the protagonist in George Orwell’s chilling novel, “1984”.


First off I have had so many nicknames over the years it was difficult to choose. Ace was a tag given to me by a cool guy a friend of the Grateful Dead. My original Nick name was Nick but another friend tagged me Dirk Nevada which Replay scratched because I had more than 1 account. I didn’t know. My handle Ace Nevada was my second account and someone at Replay allowed that account because it had more chips. I had a problem with that since I had earned a lot of points and rank and had many friends as Dirk so I adopted Ace Nevada which I changed to ACE_NEVADA which was unintentional I wanted it to be… Ace nevAdA because it shows 3 upper case A’s or Aces. I am not from Nevada nor do I live there but Dirk Nevada was such a great sounding wild west poker player name I still have it on other poker sites. I am actually from Canada but as a name it has a different cadence to it than Nevada. Hence ACE_NEVADA. Canada by the way is an indigenous tribal name meaning ‘community’ which is cool. I’ve lived in Hollywood CA now for the greater part of my life so I consider myself a NorthAmeriCanadian. I"'m not an actor although I play one on TV." You don’t know my real name or my reel name. I hear snoring, crickets and the whisper of the wind blowing tumbleweed down the main street of a ghost town. Hey wait a minute I’m in Rock Ridge. lmao (the town in Blazing Saddles)


“1984” is a favorite of mine… Winston and I have some things in common…
Not sure why you might think I’d be unaware of the book, but I get it…
Meanwhile, I believe I’m already on the record having said it’s my 'Screen Name"…
I have preferred to keep my “Nickname” private…


I think the first time I tried to get Ed_Zeppelin (on another forum) it was taken so I went with Grateful_ed.
Since joining RP, I’m thinking about changing it to 4CardStr8. It seems I’m the King of the four card straight, the four card flush and of course the three pair. Get one most every hand…not a lot of chips but a lot of four card straights. I can just see it now…4CardStr8 wins 635,400,675 chips with a straight 5 through 8…:star_struck:


Thx for the explanation. I don’t deal in assumptions, which is why I said “In case you didn’t know…”. I was just wondering whether this was one of those unexpected coincidences where someone uses a screen name without knowing the source or significance.

Nice to hear that you’re familiar with 1984, particularly in this day and age, when clones of Big Brothers seem to be cropping up around the globe. :slight_smile:


Nice Post


Mine is the meaning of my first and middle names. Gregory=watchful and Todd=Fox