What’s in a nickname...?


I was in an internet survivor writing contest. My character and avatar came in third despite being the most hated character in that contest. I use this handle wherever I go on the internet. My little hedgehog came in third and survived. Not bad for an amateur writer.


Well…it’s what I do. I do have a sign company and yes we digital print, cut vinyl, make & install signs, but I never left the “Gal I brought to the dance.” I started airbrushing t-shirts in the 70’s, moved into gilding, lettering & pinstriping ( PRE-vinyl ) where everything was hand painted. Still hand paint to this day and there has been a resurgence because people are finally getting tired of cookie cutter signage. You’ll find me at Rod runs, car shows, bike shows, lettering and pinstriping. Also travelling the US painting murals & signs with a crazy bunch of artists called Walldogs. I keep period correct signage ( 1946 - 55 ) at Birmingham AL’s own Rickwood Field, the US’s oldest surviving, playable baseball park and museum. You’ll find some of my signage & artistry in movies shot in the Birmingham & surrounding areas…Six Pack, Verne Miller, Cobb, 42, Mom’s night out, are a few.


Mine was cree8nstacks and did for so long cryers called donk calls anything, wats my ID?


When I had to choose a nickname for this site, I tried a few times something else with my initials in it. But for some reason i was not accepted, or maybe I forgot to save it well. Finally I choose this name, because we all need some… don’t we?


and one more thing, If you are not very happy with your nickname, you can change it in your profile (if I remember it well…)


mine is because imoved south from the north so im called a dam yankee


You May only change your name once :wink:


I like that song also…


I was in a hurry and didn’t think I’d play on this site more than once, so mine was generic and intended to sound stupid (Joe Dirt), and I chose a red race car picture because I wanted to seem like a maniac.


Also quickly made a name… I’m at the Gulf_ and the window next to the screen looks at a Little pond with a small frisky gator that was visiting.


Unforgiven one of my favorites…Clint Eastwood was Will Money…when I lived in Italy the currency was Lira…soooooooooooo will_lira


Proud to be a mason. Largest group of Godly men Worldwide! Love America and proud to be a Rebel


God bless you Knighttemp and God bless America.
That being said, saying you are part of the largest group of anything in the world and a rebel, is kinda contradictory dontcha think?


It’s a Southern thing


Nothing to do with me or my name. Just something catchy or flashy, or when I kick poker butts, the players will remember.


I don’t like washing


I quit smoking New Years 2000, I knew if I invested in a mountain bike I would make it stick. (smokers do not make good mountain bikers) I purchased a Cannondale (made in America and lifetime warranty on all frames) the model was called Jekyll. (Cannondale - Jekyll) The Dude comes from one of my all time favorite movies The Big Lebowski… I been jekylldude ever since and I’ve never had trouble acquiring the username.


Hi I’m Larry, Larry Laffer. A Middle aged balding man looking for love in all the wrong places. Larry Laffer was the lead character in the “Leisure Suite Larry” adventure game series in the 90s. A fun and comical, adult game. My real first name is also Larry.


I loved that game :wink:


I have the domain name left over from my robot combat/BattleBots days.
Most of the time I brought 2 bots so 2 bad bots dot com was my team name and most places I get a logon.