What’s in a nickname...?


I often wonder why a particular nickname is chosen. Mine stems from when I taught line dancing and a grapevine was one of the first basic steps I had to explain. Share your reasons here, we would love to know them.


Mine, JanCee, is a combo of my fist name and middle initial. It’s what my mother used to call me when she was emphatic! So, I guess I wanted my poker playing to be emphatic. :slight_smile:


My name Marc978 is my first name in real life Marc. I chose the numbers 978 because that’s the numbers I used in online games as part of my username I played as a kid so I put the two together Marc978! :slight_smile:



Lildevil everyone tells me it fits my personalty. It was also me CB handle. 109 is what the poker site gave me.



Great subject! I chose mine–pronounced Alan Quartermain–as a heroic character from H. Rider Haggard’s novels and stories (King Solomon’s Mines among others) from the early 20th century. AQ was a sort of primitive Indiana Jones prototype.

I’ve always found player’s “handles”–informal names to be used over the radio on CB channels, and sometimes used over poker tables–can be fascinating. They are also sometimes quite revealing, intentionally or not, about that player’s character, mannerisms, or the image he/she wants to project.


Mine is fairly simple. Where I’m from; what I do; and that I’m sometimes magical when I do it. VT = Vermont, PC = Windows PCs (Primarily); Wizard - I’ve been troubleshooting/fixing/advising/consulting on IT for over 20 years now. When I first started out I had instances where my mere presence occasionally, but regularly, “cured” the problem of the moment. As time went by, folks would call me and soon after I was on the phone with them the “problem” was fixed. The regularity of this happening is quite amazing, sometimes laughable and always reinforcing that I’m doing what “I was made to do”. I’m not perfect and don’t have every right answer but more times than not I’ll get the right answer far sooner than you will! Have fun at the tables!


cool, you are such a gregarious person !!! lol.


let me think first.


Well I can’t compete with any of these cool posts. :laughing:




besides poker i also love gaming, my favorite game of all time is final fantasy XII. the most powerful monster in the entire game just happens to also be my favorite monster of all time. which is yiazmat.

sidenote: when possible i also usually use the username yiazmat50112254. the number attached to it is the HP of yiazmat.
for the ones not used to RPG’s, HP means hit points (or health points) which means you need to attack him until it gets to zero, when that happens you beaten him (unless it happens to you first of course :slight_smile:)


Mine is really simple. Scuba is my favorite recreational activity and king is a poker reference. :sunglasses:


Like Maya, I wish I had chosen a “cooler” name, as I actually did for other sites I attended. :slight_smile: I was in a hurry, though, because the friend who had asked me to join, was waiting.
Miri derives from my real name Mirella, and being the name already taken, I added the numbers. It is not the usual Italian sobriquet for my name, but it was what my cousin used to call me, when he was a sweet little child and always ran after me, screaming: Miri, Miri, Miri!
The worst aspect of my choice was the comment of my friend, who laughed and said he had an aunt called Miri.
My reaction was harsh: should he ever dare to call me Aunt Miri, I’d never talk to him again! LOL


MIne came in 2 parts, the “Cabbie” part was an old nickname that I chose from the “bad old days” (80’s) when I was a member of Fairlight (Cracking team) and I used to crack game copy protection on the Commodore 64, those were the days when Being in England I had to buy a US Robotics modem so that I could send "or cabbie) the software to and from the USA on the pirate net long before the advent of the Internet, (Fun times) lol

The “1103” part is from back then also, and stems from a cracker from a rival cracking group whose work I admired, he eventually showed me how to get into/get around a “Protec Bitcell” protection method on the Commodore Amiga game disks, he was a German Cracker and… you guessed it, … his went under the name “1103” …

A note to Paul …Mr Replay… Manic miner on the spectrum was a simple Checksum protection and took about 10 seconds to crack :smiley:


As a “old” drummer in classic rock bands, The Guess Who has been one of my all time favorite bands. These Eyes was one of their songs. It’s always just kind of stuck with me. I’ve used that handle for a number of years now in various ways.


Neat question. My name is Steve and one of my favourite SNL skits was Rob Schneider as the guy who sits next to the photocopy machine. “Steeeeve! El Stevedore! Stevorama! Making copies…” I think elStevedore also comes off as fairly obnoxious with a hint of deluded self grandeur and makes people want to call my bets. Oh and Stephen was taken already which was my first choice.


Ok let me tell you about Maya now:
M is for the way you look at me :star_struck:
A is for the only one I see :astonished:
Y is very very… extraordinary :scream:
A is even more than anyone that you adore :heart_eyes:
There… Now that was original wasn’t it? :joy:

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flashlight was a name given to me as I tend to have “lots of bright ideas” !


LOL…that one is the best IMO :wink: