What are you listening to now?


If there are any donkey wallopers (horse cavalry fans) out there, here’s your musical accompaniment.

Take careful notice of the mounted samurai. Isn’t that a neat touch?


Traditional High Life classic


That’s nice. By any chance is there a translation of the lyrics?


Alan its an old gospel song given the highlife treatment by Rex Gyamfi .

english version different style below - prefer the rex version!-



Thanks. You’re right, the other version seems more musical. Oddly, the church building this group is singing next to looks like the (Episcopal) church in Brookline, MA (USA) that I attended for many years, especially the stone work and the windows. Maybe they all used the same designer/architect. Good luck.



I saw these guys on the latest Colbert and was very impressed


Not my usual style of music, but 111 million views can’t be wrong…


Swelter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
(forget video, just listen that wonderful song)


U Can´t Touch This (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)


Finnish hillbilly cover of metal-ish song. (haha)



Totally fun. Thanks for sharing.



Black Hole Sun (cover by Leo Moracchioli)
At 3 mins it steps up a bit :wink:




Haha! OK, now there’s something you don’t see everyday.


After seeing you posting so many videos by this guy I had to check out his YT channel.
By the 3rd one I had to subscribe and turn on notifications…thanks Juicee :grin: