What are you listening to now?





I Stumbled onto this band last night, They have Guest Singers & remake songs into Jazz songs
Some of these singers are unreal like this skinny white girl Morgan James (WOW)
The group is called “Postmodern Jukebox” and even if you don’t like Jazz you will find
some songs that will blow you away (over 200 remakes) Enjoy


Seems old but it does have some good points lol.

Enjoy old kenny


Yeah, this channel is awesome. One of my friends sent me a link a little while back. My first exposure was to a remake of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. I liked it and checked out some others. Some of them are incredible!


I’m surprised I don’t recall hearing this before. It was awesome!


That look in her eye at 2.01 give me shivers, reminds me of my ex’s look of shear disgust and guilt after a night out of poker, and lost …lol
But I love Amy, brillaint RIP…Bless you Amy Winehouse


I watch this occasionally after getting whooped at the tables like I did in the Bust the Staff today.
Always makes me feel better : )



Merry Christmas everyone:)


Here’s a memory to watch. James Cagney was largely known as a movie actor who played gangsters, but he got his start in vaudeville as a song & dance man on the live stage. One of his competitors in those early days was a young boxer (prize fighter) named Bob Hope who later became famous as a comedian after teaming up with Bing Crosby. In this early video recording (1974), both Hope and Cagney were well into their 70s. THIS is table dancing.


A Christmas tune for the guitar fans out there. Neal Schon of Journey.


Any thoughts/critiques on this?


and maybe one more…good or bad critiques :blush:


Happy New Year everyone!!!




:+1: one of the best



1963 version by Frankie Layne from the movie soundtrack, Ghost Riders in the Sky.




as smith said, feel like i’m entering a tarantino movie… dope