What are you listening to now?



"Devil Comes Back to Georgia - Mark O’Connor Charlie Daniels, Jonny Cash, Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart


Do you like to … watch … your music ???



Speaking of watching your music



Cher & Meatloaf duet !!!




here comes…


I love the voices in my head. Release your monster! Great song to play poker to.





I’ve always thought it was Beethoven’s most beautiful sonata.
Coincidentally, my son played this piece last week at a church service. He made a couple mistakes but I think he did a great job otherwise.


Don’t be so hard on him. He can play alright. He struggled, sure, but isn’t the sonata about struggle too?


This is your son? Last week? Is he single? :star_struck:


Quite the contrary, I’m very proud of him.
I will admit I’ve been frustrated with him in the past because he has a natural talent and my wife has offered him free lessons all of his life (she’s a pro piano instructor) but he’s been reluctant… until recently.
I think he’s finally starting to see that talent as he now plays with my wife and I in a house band for a local church.

LOL, yes he is at the moment :grin:


Can he do bar mitzvahs out of state? :desert: :synagogue: :israel: :no_mobile_phones: :question:




Just for fun and strolling down memory lane, here are two from my childhood :



Just because I can’t stand when people talk about banning speech/songs:

BTW, this song was written by a married couple for the express purpose of having something they could perform at holiday parties.