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There’s A Place In The World For A Gambler


Here’s something unusual. One of the truly great Western songs as sung by Johnny Cash in the late 1970s and an earlier version of the same song in Italian by a great baritone, Gino Latilla, from the 1950s.


darling, darling, stand by me…


Give it a listen





My kids introduced me to that one as well as this one
I still find it amusing how changing just one note in a chord (from major to minor) can change the emotion so drastically.
BTW, how does one get the video to show up directly here?


When you click Reply, above the text you’re typing there’s a toolbar with icons. The 7th icon showing an upwards arrow is your upload icon. Click on it, and you’ll have 2 upload options: from device and from the web. Select “from the web” and paste the link to the YouTube video, then click “upload”, and the video will display within your message. Hope this helps.


ahhh, thank you :grin:


Not Maynard’s usual voice, but a very interesting reconstruction of Lennon’s Imagine. Thanks Randy


haha, I had forgotten the name Maynard but I remember my oldest son considers him to be a spiritual guru :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m convinced these guys are aliens, and that they have eaten the band Queen.



Absolutely amazing that 5 people could make that much music without instruments. Thanks SPG…♫♪ :heart:


Leonard Cohen, “In Flanders Fields”


Veterans’ Day Tribute–Nov. 11


Here’s the Clancy Bros with a variation of “In Flanders Fields.” My only comment is that it’s “the Great Fallen,” not “falling.” We once had several genuine Irish pubs in the Worcester area, sadly now all gone away. On St. Patrick’s Day, we might hear this coming from two different pubs at the same time, sung live by local Irish immigrants. The War to end all Wars didn’t and can’t; people are still people and if pushed hard enough, they will still fight. “We sleep snug in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night…” – Orwell


This is a remembrance of the WW I Battle of Gallipoli. Fought mostly by Australian forces, the generals in charge delayed (contrary to direct orders from Churchill that wouldn’t come out publicly for nearly 20 years) what should’ve been an unopposed landing long enough for the Turks to rush reinforcements and artillery to the area. The Aussies were beaten badly. Not an easy song to listen to, “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” as sung by Liam Clancy reminds us that nothing is easy or cheap in war. There is a 10 second ad at the beginning, but this IS the best version recorded in live performance.


A Wrinkle in Time—Sade