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Sun and Moon by Wiyaala - an african icon


A little while ago, someone asked who did the original 'Crazy?" Here’s the live 1992 performance by the original author/composer, though it was Patsy Cline who made it a hit in the 60s. Just joshing–there are no copyrights on titles, and Willie’s title got re-used. But, you can slow-dance to this one.


Glen Campbell - I’m Not Gonna Miss You

Last song by Glen Campbell before his death. Died of Alzheimer’s disease.




Reminds me of hitchhiking during afternoon rush hour on the LA freeway in 1968. Coming from Phoenix. I always walked backwards figuring that if no other way I’d get there by walking. The cars were moving slower than me. One guy rolled down his window and said if I was still walking when traffic cleared he’d pick me up. He not only picked me up he gave me a place to stay in Watts.


on the highway…


Sharing this for the theramin! Cool instrument


Hey, that’s neat! It almost looks like he’s trying to use American Sign Language to tell a midget violinist inside the box what to play. (yes, I know it’s inductance, but that IS what it looks like). I’ve always thought the theramin had a spooky sound. Thanks for this.


I’ve heard a theramin but have never watched one being played until this video. It is really amazing! Who COULDN’T be a musician with this instrument?! lol









Hmmm, I thought I had heard every Aerosmith song they’ve ever done…I guess not…thanks Marc :slightly_smiling_face:


1, 2, 3, 4 - Turn it up