What are you listening to now?



For anyone else who’s had a long and exhausting week, Happy Friday:





The first movement reminds me of Copeland. The second movement is the sort of magical realism I’d expect from an enchanted hunt through a forest. The third reminds of Ravel’s early 20th century work. The fourth should be a ballet. The fifth should be titled “The Birds” and used as the theme for a dramatic movie set in a city. Janacek really seems to like the brass, letting them dominate three of the five movements. I’m surprised I’ve never heard one of these used as accompaniment for an ice figure skater’s long program–Kwan would’ve loved them. Thanks!




60 Minutes - Rammstein - Madison Square Garden - 2010
18000 Seats sold in 30 Minutes. Dont know how long it is online.


perhaps fitting for poker as it’s called ghost river :slight_smile:


Posted this for mothers day - happy mothers day mom



Honor the fallen




Happy Independence Day and thank you to everyone who has served our country.



Amazing band … one of my fav songs ( please watch till the end)


I love this one for them:


Fab band hey Maya :slight_smile:


Only listen if you have tissues handy…Supermarket Flowers