What are you listening to now?


I love that song too!


Another beautiful song with incredible melodic songwriting


I did want to make a comment on this song that I posted. It does start out slow, but he really builds it up gradually to a powerful song. Plus, an interesting fact about the musician is he is blind and a one man band!


I meant 2 songs above, Sunshine, I Can Fly, (not the song I posted above the comment) on my last post in case there is any confusion on what I just wrote.



Wow, all great posts monkeycat !

I love this thread. I can share what I like to listen to, find all sorts of different songs and musicians from around the world.

Thank you everyone for sharing.!!!


Ben E King, stand by me !!


Dion . The Wanderer !!


Post the videos Mark !


dont know how to do that lol


Hi Harley,

It’s easy. You can add a video simply by adding the link to the video in your post and it should appear as a video when you post it.



Ok someone will come along soon to help. I got some things going on here right now but I’ll be back Brother


Wow, that was fast, see ? I told you hahahahaha


A couple nights ago I watched the movie Titanic and this music from the movie was stuck in my head. Glad I finally found it.



I think this song is also in a Honda commercial as well as National Lampoon’s Vacation. It’s catchy lol.



Love that movie and that song !!! Cousin Eddie lol…



She’s good, ain’t she? :metal:


well thankyou Marc, songs I listen to are on youtube, Ill figure it out tks again. Mark.