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Dear mr president





Here is the 30 minutes version… http://musictonic.com/music/Estas+Tonne+Incredible+Performance+With+10+String+Guitar#v=mwjrLyZEV0k


Nothing more beautiful in the whole world as seeing a child fulfill their potential.



Amazing what the brain can learn to do! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Anyone you know???
(I raised a male one of these: acoustic guitarist.)


I raised one also Jan, he passed away so young , so tragic, so talented :frowning:

This was one of his favorites and could play like this.

Here’s to you Christopher, you beautiful soul…


Here’s to you from me too, Christopher.


Thank you Jan.

My son has a friend that plays a 12 string acoustic guitar. I will asked him if I can record something and try and upload.

He is amazing.

Can you upload any of your sons songs or riffs ?


I dont know her, just stumbled across her stuff on youtube and was blown away. Her name is Tina S if ya wanna look her up. Ive been playing for 35 years and she surpassed my talent at age 16. Musical genius is a gift to all of us that listen. Just thought I would share it with all I could.



Two comments: She is incredible but would like to hear her playing acoustic and without the backup.

Folks may be interested to know you can slow music down or speed it up; just below the YouTube logo there is a settings knob and if you click it you will see a range. When you turn it to very slow you can see her fingering and you can see how clean she hits each note.



My offering of Joe and another Tina…




This video should register as one of the greatest achievements of human experience, kept as a museum piece and be known by the many generations to come in a far future

Let me introduce John Butler and his 11 string. He took one off.

Fill your SOUL…


I have to go in search of my son’s performance recordings. Alas–so many format changes over the years!


That would be awesome !!! I tried to get my sons from reel to reel and adat from the studio to my phone but it just loses everything. :frowning: