Typing and chat


@GYPSEYMAN may have the Space bar stuck on his keyboard.

@Trickster13 may have the Enter key stuck stuck on his keyboard.

Well, at least it seems that way. To troubleshoot I would either disconnect the keyboard or use a different one, and see if the problem is solved.


Humm no I would have noticed already.


having the same issue from time to time, only in my case it’s usually only chopping the first letter


Someone told me that it might be the compatibility of my flash player and replays system. I can get around a comp. well enough but some of the tech. stuff is over my head. So if anyone knows if that might cause problems please let me know. Thanks.


I know this will sound crazy, but this happened to me a few years ago on my old Gateway. It turned out to be a bad mouse. Yes, that’s right. My mouse card was fried. Go fig. Just a thought to check on.


It was happening only in ReplayPoker chat?


Yes only on replay chat and only while a game is going on. If we are sitting before tourney starts it does just fine once the cards are dealt and tourney or table game is going on it hangs up like what I describe. Thanks for the feedback from all.


I was replying to @JTaramasso


To all concerned…I automatically get an e-mail when you respond. I guess because I started post, but every response unless stating who you are talking to seems like you are replying to me. I asked the question so I presume your responding, I would not be responding to all post if the post said who they were talking to. It would save us all a lot of time. Thanks.


I wish something could be done to solve this problem. I got it in every tournament on every table.


To the staff: I’m willing to help by making test for example to solve this problem. Feel free to ask anytime.