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For the last few weeks when I try to chat at table the type is very choppy and slow to show up. I can type in a 14 word sentence and be done but only one word is showing. I have to wait for awhile for the rest to appear. While I am waiting I also freeze up on game. Been asking around and only found a few others like that. Just found out from Thumbs is having same problem. Now I am typing very freely on this…so its not my comp and the whole site. Anyone got any advice to fix this or what the problem is. Ive cleaned out my history and cleaned out old programs. don’t have the problem on any other site…just chat during game. And also I do not have a lot of windows open or playing more then one table. Apreciate any help I can get.


I run across it often as others players do also. It’s not your machine. Your typing and sending chat at the same time a “ broadcast “ is coming through in the chat box.

I don’t know what the fix is but it’s definitely not our computers.


this >^

with me it usually chops off the last letter of the text.
also don’t know any fix of it, but i usually just press enter again. it will get chopped, but at least people know what you mean.


thanks for the reply


Thanks for the reply


Your welcome


sounds like a speech impediment to me… did you stutter as a child?


good one…but yea that’s exactly what it is like. I wished I would have thought of that when I was trying to explain it.


Hello, Im very new to this game and i was wondering on how to play, some tricks and some new friends that i can message as well.


Hi there pj15,

I would suggest reading Marc’s guide to Texas Hold’em Poker which you will find under the Poker Strategy topic. Please feel free to ask for any specific information and our many helpful forum players will respond. Good luck at the tables!!


Hi PJ15,
This is the topic which Mod Grapevine reffering to , to read the whole topic please click on the title :

Good luck at the tables :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the help! I really appreciate it!


I have the same bug everyday, with each stoke of key is sent immediately and triggers the anti-flood robot. I reloaded Flash but the problem persists. It is not systematic but seems to appear at random.


Is it the
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat
Dealer: Please don’t flood the chat
in red letters message.?
If it is, it simply means you are holding the “enter” key down for too long.
The solution is to make sure your hands don’t linger over the keys and that items like jewellery or loose fitting watches are not being brushed across the keyboard.
Good Luck,


No, I’m sure I’m typing without touching the enter key. Thanks for the reply though.



no im not holding or touching keys that’s not my problem, but thanks. What mine does , say I type this message…good hand glad I folded. I will be completely done typing message and it would show up like this…….goo……… d……… han………d gla…………….d ……… I folded. It takes for ever to complete on site and also keeps me from betting till it regesters in chat. So I don’t chat much.


My reply was aimed in hope of helping Trickster13 and I am unaware of your issues. Please feel free to contact support for assistance.


in my case if I type “good hand glad I folded” it will show as:





with warnings from the robot intermingled and sometimes complete words


That must be so

  • yin…
    On the top of the dashboard page there is a little “?”. click on that and maybe the guru’s at RP can help.