Three years on this site


Funny how if you don’t buy chips you never win any of the freebees


From personal experience, I have to respectfully disagree.


me 2


Yes you can. I have not bought chips.
Roughly 2 million of my bankroll came from the freerolls. I currently have 153 tickets from the freerolls. A while back I saved a few planning to binge play them over a weekend but I haven’t had a free weekend for a while. Looks like I need a free week now…


Here’s a tip for you stay away from all in’s.
Don’t be in a hurry to play rough, like pushing
and raising with less than a lock.
Be careful the river will kill you.
Good luck on the tables. :slight_smile:


You certainly can win the freebies without buying chips. Start by aiming at least to get in the chips, and watch the lobby to see when you’re getting near. Play TIGHT!


Making them or calling them?

Or both…


i have a similar question:: if (after a year and a half of liking rp facebook and participation in nearly all contests) replay poker intend to reward me with 50k or 100k chips would be great if that happen while i’m still young lol


Here I am winning another freeroll

P.S. Kiwi 1 2 3…


It is evidently a case of collusion of the infamous New Zealand Mafia! :rofl:


Ssshhhh. I dont want them to know I’m really an Irish guy and deep deep undercover. I’m trying to crack an egg smuggling ring .:shamrock::shamrock:


Eggs? Be careful not to make an omelette, as we say in Italian, meaning ruin everything.
Above all, do not accidentally reveal you can play the uilleann pipes!


@killshoot, When you say freebees do you mean freerolls or do you mean non-poker promotions?