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how can we tell the differents, boo hoo ha ha .




Sometimes an eyeroll is enough :roll_eyes:


If you leave your dreams until tomorrow, you’ll have nothing to look back on but empty yesterdays.

Learn everything you can. Wisdom comes from knowledge.


no one gets out alive so try to enjoy.


thats really funny


Great quote…

Most people attribute “no one gets out of here alive” to Jim Morrison on the record One in Five". But I think he got that from Richard Farina, who maybe wrote it in “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me.” Farina married Joan Baez’s sister and was her producer on a few albums. He was also a folk singer, writing many songs. I am 90% sure he said it circa 1966 but am not sure at all where he said it.




Mimi Farina is Joan Baez’ sister and here is one of her songs:


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Always believe in yourself no matter the odds stacked against you.



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I send all kinds of neat stuff to them… they haven’t shut me down yet, so they must be enjoying my stuff…lololol