The NFL Thread


Defensive Backs Meeting :+1:t2::football:


Welcome to Sportscenter overnight…

Well … the Lions defeted the Saints 9-6
In overtime, its the Dolphins over the Falcons by 6
The Steelers pounded the Chiefs… 35-17
Brady & the Pats, lost to the Jets 27-19
and Broncos stampeeded over the Giants by 13

We’ll have highlights after these msgs from Haribo Gold Bears…


Pats lose to the Jets ? Hahahahaha NOPE !!!


Or you can just watch … :checkered_flag: Talladega… and wait for TheBigOne…:bomb:
Dale Jr.'s final trip to Talladega… :racing_car: Go Dale Jr. Go !!! :trophy:


Thank you New England 24 - 17 :+1:t2::football:

Tight game Marc !!!


The referees were not consistent in that game but a win is a win! Super Bowl rematch next Sunday night!

In other NFL news Packers QB Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone and could miss the rest of the season.


Also the Falcons blew a 17 - 0 lead against the Dolphins today


Catching up on all the football news now.

Yes, a win is a win and goood enough for 1st place :+1:t2:




What a day yesterday. Half my picks lost. Half of them !!!

I have no idea on the Colts / Titans game tonight.

I’m still shaking my head over the Falcons / Dolphins game.

How did your picks do Marc ? Since we seem to be the only ones into NFL Football my friend.

Edit. And Sarah


no more picking for me… the darn Pats won, & the Broncos lost …
DaleJr almost made it, surviving 3 late wrecks…


I did pretty well with my picks. I was surprised that the Giants won.



I was never much interested in the NFL until our president started tweeting about it…now I follow the sport on CNN…


Thursday night football but I’m too tired to watch it.

Chiefs vs Raiders


Pretty entertaining game so far! Chiefs lead 30 - 21 in the 4th quarter.



What an ending to the game that was!!! Chiefs get called for holding two times with the ball on the 10 yard line with zero seconds left on the clock (game can’t end on a defensive penalty) and because of the penalties the ball is put on the goal line So on their third attempt the Raiders score the touchdown and win the game 31 - 30!



I can’t believe I missed that !!!

Reading on the forums,game, sleeping, reading , game, fall asleep :sleeping:

Now that I’m awake at 1:49 am I’ll watch the highlights damn it !

Thanks Marc :+1:t2:


Chiefs vs Raiders highlights:



Marc you are too good brother, thank you !!!


That was unreal.Thank you again