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Patriots lose to Jaguars 31 - 24

Wins and losses don’t count since it’s the preseason. Mostly rookies and second string players. I thought Grappalo did pretty well especially with that last drive at the end of the first half. Jacoby Brissett over threw to many passes though he hasn’t gotten many reps in practice so that may be why. The defense wasn’t good. They gave up to many rushing plays and a few big passing plays. Cyrus Jones isn’t good won’t be surprised if he gets cut. I was impressed with number 48 on the offense I think his name is Hollister. Austin Carr made a great Touchdown catch! Looking forward to the Patriots next preseason game.

Looking forward to watching the other preseason games from tonight!


Great night of football !!! Preseason is what separates the men from the boys.

The cut list has begun !!! :grin:


Live look in at NFL cuts taking place!

Lol!!! I had to post this!


Hahahaha, that’s hilarious :joy:


It’s Thursday night football :football:

Enjoy the games :+1:t2:


Watching the Buccaneers vs the Jaguars cause that’s the only game I can find on T.V


Go Dolphins, Is Dan Marino still playing?




You need an Amazon Firestick with Kodi installed on it :wink:


Looking forward to tomorrow night! Pats vs Texans. Brady and a few of the starters are expected to play at least a series or two. Should be fun!


Last nights 3 games were horrible. Tonight’s only game should be somewhat enjoyable but can’t wait for the Patriots tomorrow :+1:t2::football::us:


Was the preseason game from last night good? I was watching the RedSox game instead. Looking forward to the Patriots game tonight! I’m getting together with my brother who I haven’t seen in over a month to watch it!

I know wins and losses don’t count in the preseason but I’d really like it if the Pats won tonight! :slight_smile:


I was just going through some old pictures on my computer and thought this would be a nice picture to share with you all.

When the Patriots won Super Bowl 49 against the Seattle Seahawks my local newspaper called the Eagle Tribune published Patriots Super Bowl posters a week after the game and my family helped me collect them.

About a month later sometime in March my Grandfather (Who has since passed away earlier this year ) asked me to come into his office. He was a huge Patriots fan his entire life and we had a great bond over sports. He had me bring in my Patriots posters that I collected from Super Bowl 49 win and he took a picture of me with the posters. At the time I had no idea why he wanted me to take the pictures with the photos he just said “You’ll see.”

About a month later in April, one morning I get a text message from my mother “Your in the newspaper” at this point I’m confused and I text my mother back “Uhh… why?” She then replies and and tells me I’m in the paper for collecting the Super Bowl posters.

This is the picture that was published in the newspaper

Note: I did edit out the name of my city in the paper (I feel it’s just a little to personal) and my age in the paper is incorrect. I was only 18 at the time the picture was published. Not 19.

Just thought I’d share this.



Marc that’s awesome !!! I used to read the tribune so you don’t live to far from me :+1:t2:. I’m about 30 minutes south of Gillette Stadium :football:

Didn’t watch the Seahawks game last night. I binged watched something on Netflix lol.

Patriots tonight :+1:t2:



The Patriots believe defensive end Derek Rivers, their top draft pick this year, will miss his rookie season with a knee injury, ESPN reported Friday.

NFL Media later reported an MRI showed Rivers tore the anterior cruciate ligament and sprained the lateral collateral ligament in his left knee.

Rivers, a third-round pick out of Youngstown State, was injured on a kickoff coverage drill during the Patriots’ joint practice with the Texans on Wednesday in West Virginia. The team sent him back to Boston for more testing and apparently the results were not good.

Rivers had 41 sacks in his college career, including 14 last fall as a senior. The Patriots were counting on him to be a regular contributor up front, if not necessarily a starter right out of the gate.

With the rookie out of the mix, the depth chart at defensive end is looking thin: Kony Ealy, Trey Flowers, Geneo Grissom and Caleb Kidder, the latter an undrafted free agent.

That could mean the Patriots are in the market for veteran help at the position as the regular season approaches.


Yep that ain’t good. Is it too late to get Rob Ninkovich out of retirement for one more season?

I’m sure Belichick will figure out something.


I can volunteer maybe 1 or 2 downs to help em out but I need iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts on the field, no running, hitting, tackling and I don’t want to sweat . Hahahaha.

Are we like the only NFL fans on the site or what ?


Seems like we are Craig lol.


Maybe you two are the only Patriots fans on the site…I grew up in Australia, and it wasn’t until the 90’s that the tv networks started broadcasting one game a week…Rugby, Aussie rules and cricket is king in the land Down Under…but the NFL has grown in popularity…I started following American ‘football’ (the rest of the world has a different view of football-usually a game where you kick a ball with your foot) in the 80’s…The Miami Dolphins have always been my team…Personally I thnk Dan Marino was the best QB of all time…I feel a bit for Ryan Tannehill, I think he is a really solid QB, but he’s still on the roster and maybe Jay Cultler will give the Dolphins the edge in the division…or maybe I will discover the Loch Ness Monster…Go Dolphins…


Hahahaha, great to see you post :+1:t2:

Good luck to your Dolphins this year !