The NFL Thread


Yay!! Go Pat’s Goooooooooooooo !!! :):slight_smile:


Super Bowl score:

Pats 24

Eagles 18


My score prediction:

Patriots 35

Eagles 14

I think the Patriots are gonna get off to a quick start and have the lead the entire game.



Hellava game


Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on their first Super Bowl win in franchise history. They defeated the Patriots 41 - 33 in Super Bowl 52.

Me being a die hard Patriots fan this hurts, a lot, but time heals all wounds.

The Eagles were simply the better team. The Patriots defense was horrendous and the Eagles took advantage.

Congratulations again to the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans. It will be a long off-season.



I intend on keeping this thread updated throughout the off-season with news throughout the NFL regrading the draft , free agency and any other news that may come up.

Thank you to those who have followed this thread throughout the season and I hope you continue to follow it during the off-season.



Good job Marc!! I feel your pain. Strange game in that the Patriots “bend but don’t break” defense was made weaker by strange “Coach’s Decision” to bench #2 cornerback Butler. But Belichick is a genius, right? And Philly’s awesome defense was torched by Brady for a superbowl record 505 passing yards 33 points. Crazy game. Next thing you know Belichick will decide to draft only offensive players saying, “Coach’s Decision”. Maybe he bet on Philly. Rob


The decision to bench Butler is definitely a questionable decision.

Reports say he was benched for a “Minor Team Rule” violation. He reportedly missed curfew and had weed on him. Honestly it’s the Super Bowl and I don’t think that warrants him being beached the entire game. Maybe the first half but not the entire game. Especially when he’s played 98% of defensive snaps this year.

In my opinion if him missing curfew and having weed was that serious Belichick shouldn’t have dressed him and sent him home instead of embarrassing him by having him stand on the sidelines.

I think him playing would have made a huge difference and we probably would have won. Eric Rowe said he wasn’t told he was starting until during the National Anthem was being played.

Brady played phenomenally and if the defense could have just gotten one stop and prevented the Eagles from scoring I think there would have been a different outcome.

It all came down to poor coaching and very poor defense for the Patriots.

The off-season will be interesting. Matt Patricia is already gone , Butler definitely isn’t returning to the Patriots next season and there are several other players who are free agents this off-season.



Yeah the decision to bench him simply to prove a point by Belichick was complete lunacy! You can do that in a regular season game - but come on this IS the Super Bowl - that decision allowed them how many yards, catches, and even a TD because Rowe couldn’t defend Jeffries and the Eagles knew it - And the fact that Belichick didn’t allow him to play in the 2nd half !! … yeah to wait until the last minute to tell him - that was showed Belichick’s true colors there


Breaking news in the NFL tonight: After being announced as the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts Josh McDaniels has opted OUT of the deal and will be staying with the New England Patriots.

My take on this: I have a strange feeling Bill Belichick is leaving the Patriots to coach elsewhere or retiring. The McDaniels deal was done with the Colts so that’s the only explanation I can think of.



It sounds like BB and TB12 will both return next year. Gronk wants more $$ even though he is under contract but will also return. The offense is fine but the defense needs to be completely re-tooled. Really not one star there. Gilmore maybe and he is not going anywhere. Hightower is fine but not great. Harrison says he wants one more year. Otherwise, they need to spend all of their draft picks on defense plus some free agents. After that, I won’t mind seeing BB move on. At this point (not saying he wasn’t great in the past), I am ready to enjoy the McDaniels era. I bet he can be a human being in a press conference. Marc, I agree that the Pats win with Butler. Let’s remember how we met Butler. Kyle Arrington was awful in first half of superbowl against Seattle. Butler replaced him and saved the game. So logic would dictate that Butler replace Rowe in 2nd half against Philly. Who knows. I do know that BB was lost a lot of trust among fans and probably team.


NFL teams can now use the franchise tag on one player per team. Free agency and trading begins on March 14th at 4:00pm.



As NFL Free Agency opens tomorrow, WR Danny Amendola will sign with the Miami Dolphins.

QB Drew Brees has agreed to a new contract with the Saints.

QB Kirk Cousins is likely going to the Vikings.



The NFL season schedules will be released tonight and the NFL Draft is next week!



NFL training camps have started for the majority of teams and the preseason starts in a few weeks!



The NFL preseason starts for teams this weekend (who weren’t in the Hall of Fame game) beginning tonight and including tomorrow. I know it’s only preseason and the games don’t matter in the win/loss column but I’m just glad Football is back!



Preseason? I gotta say Marc, I’ve been a Ram’s fan since the 50’s and as such I don’t even watch football anymore until NASCAR is over. Well, except Mondays and Thursdays. :wink:


Go Bills! I have been a fan forever. Yes I know they haven’t done anything in years. They still have my vote


Marc978.If you can recall in playoff game against STEELERS,JESSE JAMES,STEELERS TIGHT END,made same catch in endzone tnat GRONOWSKI made in SUPER BOWL against EAGLES.JAMES was called a no catch,but GRONKOWSK,S was OK. Eventhe announcers could not understand,what is considered a CATCH NOW?STEELERS would have WON GAME.Also when at home,penality differential,9against visiting team,1 against PATS.You try and figure that out???


I,ve been an avid,very strong STEELERS FAN for,and STEELERS will win 2019 SUPERBOWL.