The NFL Thread


IT’S FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!! :+1:t2::grinning::football:




Happy Championship Sunday!!! Trips to the Super Bowl are on the line!! Jaguars vs Patriots in the AFC and Vikings vs Eagles in the NFC!!! Should be a great day of Football!!! Here are my predictions.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs New England Patriots - Obviously I’m going with my Patriots but I think it’s going to be a lot closer than most people think. The Jaguars are a tough and good team and the Patriots can’t take them lightly. My score prediction: 28 - 17 Pats.

Minnesota Vikings vs Philadelphia Eagles - The Vikings have had a great season and am unbelievable comeback in last week’s playoff game. The Eagles are a tough team to play but I got the Vikings winning 17 - 10.

Only a few short hours until kickoff!!!



Nice predictions, I like it and that’s the way I see it.


The new head coach of the Tennessee Titans is former New England Patriots Star Mike Vrabel.

Best of luck Mike !


Just hours away from finding out who will be in the Super Bowl - my picks as follows:

The Vikings will be the 1st team to ever be in a Super Bowl where their stadium hosts by putting a beating to the Eagles

Contrary to all reports of injury Brady will break records in yards thrown in an overwhelming defeat of the Jags


THE PATRIOTS ARE SUPER BOWL BOUND!!! Defeating the Jaguars 24 - 20!!!



Another unbelievable comeback !!!

What a game and what a team !!’


14:10 left in the 4th quarter as of this post and the score is 38 - 7. Unless there is a miracle comeback it will be the New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52.

UPDATE: It’s official!!! The New England Patriots will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52.



Going to be a GREAT GAME !!!



The Patriots have decided to wear white jerseys for Super Bowl LII and 12 of the last 13 Super Bowl winners have worn white for the game.


Before leaving for Minnesota, the Patriots will be holding a Super Bowl sendoff rally at Patriot Place (Outside of Gillette Stadium) on Monday morning at 9:00am EST. Expected appearances by owner Robert Kraft , Head Coach Bill Belichick , Quarterback Tom Brady and others.



Tom Brady IS the Lord of the Rings !!!


I think they should change the rule of the helmet hits to: if you stun a player or they’re removed from the game because of the hit - then the player who made the hit should be disqualified and leave the game - if you think about it he was only fined 25K and took out a major player (Gronk) - so technically you could eliminate a player from the game and only be fined for the offense - whereas the other team is missing a valuable component of the offense




Only a few more days!!!


Tom Brady has won the NFL MVP award!

Also here is the NFL Hall of Fame class of 2018

Ray Lewis
Brian Urlacher
Terrell Owens
Brian Dawkins
Randy Moss

Congratulations to the inductees of the class of 2018!



Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! :grin: :grin:

Got my game face on like these guys! :slight_smile:


MVP Brady should be ready to play like an MVP and if his linemen can protect him from Philly’s ferocious front four, especially that beast Fletcher Cox, then watch out. Nobody can guard Gronk and since he didn’t play in last year’s game, he will be psyched out of his mind to win this one. Plus, Cookie, Amendola, Dorsett, White, Burkhead, Hogan and Lewis. That is a hand full!! GO PATS!!!


Scuba that’s like having Christmas in Florida it’s just not right you need snow !!! lol


I love it when great Canadian Poker Players join in on NFL talk especially when she is rooting for the Patriots. Yay, Sassee. Go Patriots!!!