The NFL Thread


I like it ! :+1:t2:


Just to make it interesting rebel, I’ll take the Eagles and the Vikings along with the Patriots and Steelers.
Now you’ve got someone to roast after the weekend. :slight_smile:


Alright then Falcons & Saints for me along with Patriots & Steelers


That’s who I’m going with :+1:t2:

Can’t wait !!!


Best of luck to us all, on the field and on the tables!
Next up, finals, Superbowl then YEE HAW, the Daytona 500!


A rocket scientist has blasted his way into the lead to be the Giants’ next head coach.

The Daily News has learned that all signs are pointing to Matt Patricia, the New England Patriots defensive coordinator with a degree in aeronautical engineering, as the man the Giants will hire to point Big Blue back in the right direction.

WHAT !!! Say it ain’t so…


He was a good defensive coordinator and wish him nothing but the best with his new head coaching job with the Giants but first there’s still work to be done with the Patriots!



And Josh McDaniels the Patriots Offensive Coordinator to be the next head coach of the Colts ?!?!?!


Wow that’s a surprise to me! Would be sad to see him leave the Pats.



Chicken Wings :white_check_mark:
Cheese , Crackers & Pepperoni :white_check_mark:
Chili Dip & Chips :white_check_mark:
Drinks :white_check_mark:

Ready for some Patriots playoff football!!!


Hahahaha , what a great lineup of snacks. I was thinking Chinese delivery lol

Let the games begin.

Go Pats !!!


The Patriots are onto the AFC Championship game! Plus I just won $50.00 in the family pool! :slight_smile:

Most likely we are going to play the Steelers next week even though the Jaguars beat them in the regular season I think it would be a big upset if they can beat the Steelers again.


I saw 1 good game yesterday and 1 great game. Let me comment on the great game. The New England Patriots took the Tennessee Titans to school last night . That’s all I can say without bragging about being a lifelong Patriots fan and being born and raised in New England.

2-0 for me in my playoff picks.

It’s playoff Sunday :grinning: 2 more games today!!!

Congrats Marc on winning the pool :+1:t2:


Major upset in Pittsburgh!!! The Jacksonville Jaguars shock the Steelers winning 45 - 42.

Jaguars vs Patriots in the AFC Championship game with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line!



What a major upset but a phenomenal game!!!

That makes me 2-1 in the playoff picks :+1:t2:

Maybe Big Ben will retire now.

Go Patriots!!!



There wasn’t much left for Case Keenum to do but to fling the ball deep and hope for a miracle.

Miracle answered.

Keenum completed a last-ditch heave near the sideline Sunday on the game’s final play, and Stefon Diggs slithered away for a 61-yard touchdown to give Minnesota a 29-24 victory over New Orleans and send the Vikings to the NFC championship game, with one more win needed to become a first-time Super Bowl host.

Drew Brees had driven the Saints in position for Wil Lutz’s go-ahead 43-yard field goal with 25 seconds remaining, punctuating a steely rally from a 17-point deficit that stood until 1:16 was left in the third quarter.

The Vikings were out of timeouts and nearly out of options when Keenum dropped back with 10 seconds to go from his 39 and threw high into a crowd. Diggs jumped in front of Marcus Williams, who rolled awkwardly underneath Diggs during an ill-fated attempt at a tackle.

Diggs held his ground, kept his feet in bounds and raced untouched into the end zone as the crowd at U.S. Bank Stadium erupted.

10 seconds left and they win !!!

That makes me 3-1 for the playoffs $$$ and my 3 1/2 year old grandson gets his electric Batmobile. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the final four this weekend.


Hats off to all the winners -The Eagles - Jaguars and the Vikings came to PLAY ball


According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss Patriots QB Tom Brady cancelled a scheduled press conference today to meet with Patriots medical staff and will be on the injury report when it’s released.

“Tom Brady won’t be holding his scheduled news conference today. Patriots public relations staffer says he is meeting with the medical staff and will be on the injury report when it is released later today.”



I heard that just now.

Ahhhhhh !!!