The NFL Thread


Pittsburgh is a great, tough, tough team this year at 10-2.

They face the Patriots in Pittsburgh on December 17th.
Gronk will be back then and we will need him for sure.


Is Josh McDaniels , offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots going to be the new head coach of the New York Giants after head coach Ben McAfoo got fired Monday?

The phone call I just received says yes !!!

Stayed tuned……


So far Falcons QB Matt Ryan has thrown 3 interceptions on 3 consecutive drives tonight.



Final score Falcons 20 Saints 17



I know this is the NFL thread but that college game between Army and Navy was great! Army wins 14 - 13. Navy missed a field goal at the end of the game that would have won it for them.



That’s too funny Marc. I was seriously thinking of high jacking your thread to post about it. Great game :+1:t2:

Glad you posted about it.


Great minds think alike Craig! One of the better College games I’ve watched this year (And I don’t really follow College football that much.)

Really enjoyed the game!



Hahahahaha, you got that right Marc :+1:t2: I don’t really that much either but I don’t miss that game.

It’s football Sunday!!!

Enjoy the games all. I have to go shovel and clean this white crap off my vehicle :man_facepalming:t3:


Long day with no Patriots!!! Can’t wait till tomorrow night. New England / Miami games are always awesome!!!


Tell me about it! For some reason all week I kept thinking the Pats were playing today I had to keep reminding myself it’s a Monday night game lol! Looking forward to the Steelers and Ravens tonight.



Things just got more interesting for Monday Night Football! A Patriots win tomorrow will clinch the AFC East!



We can do it !!!



Steelers beat the Ravens 39 - 38



A Patriots win over Miami tonight clinches the AFC East title for New England then on to play the Steelers next Sunday the 17th :+1:t2:

That is going to be a very physical game !!!


An MRI showed that Eagles’ QB and NFL MVP candidate Carson Wentz tore his ACL. Wentz is out for the season.

Such a shame. The Eagles were having a great season. Hope there backup QB Nick Foles does well.



What a shame. I wish him a fast recovery.


Dolphins upset the Patriots 27 - 20. Must win game for the Patriots in Pittsburgh on Sunday to stay on pace with the Steelers.



Miami has always been and always will be a thorn in the Patriots side.

I can’t believe it !!!

Sunday is going to be no cakewalk against the Steelers !!!

Go Patriots!!!


Saturday Night Football anyone?!

Bears vs Lions at 4:30pm ET and Chargers vs Chiefs at 8:25pm ET both games on NFL Network!



I’m in for some Saturday NFL !!! :+1:t2::football: I’m thinking mini pizza rolls in the oven and some cold Fresca lol :joy: it’s so cold and snowy out. Just a light snow so it makes for a good Poker and Football day. And of course that great smell from the oven of those 2 dozen pizza rolls on that aluminum foil lined cookie sheet.

Anyone drooling yet ? Hahahaha.

Your doing chip and dip and shrimp right Marc ? Ginger ale ? Dr Pepper ?