The NFL Thread


Football feast! :slight_smile: :football:


need more shrimp


Good day of Football. Steelers won , Falcons won & Patriots won. Also everyone else in the AFC East lost today (besides Miami they play Monday night.)



Carolina Panthers vs Miami Dolphins tonight.

Other NFL News:

Colts QB Jacoby Brissett is in the concussion protocol.

Patriots will spend the week in Denver before going to Mexico for their game vs the Raiders.

Vikings QB Teddy Birdgewater was activated yesterday for the first time in over a year. Though he didn’t play.

The Cleveland Browns are the only winless team in the NFL.



Another NFL Sunday! :football:

Here are a few games being played today:

Ravens vs Packers

Bills vs Chargers

Patriots vs Raiders ( In Mexico City)

Eagles vs Cowboys



I understand there is a new Vegas line on the number of players kneeling…


NFL Scores from week 11:

Buccaneers 30 Dolphins 20

Eagles 37 Cowboys 9

Chargers 54 Bills 24

Jaguars 19 Browns 7

Bengals 20 Broncos 17

Saints 34 Redskins 31

Giants 12 Chiefs 9 (OT)

Ravens 29 Packers 0

Steelers 40 Titans 17 (Thursday)

Vikings 24 Rams 7

Texans 31 Cardinals 21

Patriots 33 Raiders 8

Lions 27 Bears 24

Falcons vs Seahawks (Tonight on Monday Night Football)



Falcons 34 Seahawks 31



Good day of Football yesterday:

Patriots won their 7th game in a row.

Eagles blew out the Bears and have the best record in the NFC.

Steelers won in a good game last night.

Browns and Giants have been eliminated from playoff contention .

As of right now it looks very likely we may be getting a preview of the AFC Championship game in a few weeks when the Steelers and Patriots meet on December 17th.





Ravens 23 Texans 16 last night.


I completely forgot about Monday Night Football last night. I don’t believe either of those teams have been good this year.



Thursday Night Football 11-30-2017

Cowboys 38 Redskins 14


Patriots defeat Bills 23 -3.



Did Tom really yell at Josh ? lol.

Great game :+1:

Gronk, not nice hahahahahah


Yep Brady did yell at Josh lol. He basically said in the postgame press conference that it was his emotions and that he loves Josh as an offensive coordinator.

That late hit by Gronk towards the end of the game was ugly. I’d expect a fine or possibly a suspension.

I watched the end of the Jets vs Cheifs game and a player for the Cheifs threw a penalty flag into the stands then he left thinking he was ejected but for some reason he wasn’t lol. He came back about 10 minutes later.

So far a pretty entertaining Sunday for Football lol.



Entertaining to say the least.


The NFL has suspended Rob Gronkowski for 1 game.



He deserves it in my opinion. The league should take a sizable amount of cash also to put in a fund in case the other player has a problem with concussions .

Even tho the Patriots are my team what’s wrong is wrong!!!


Steelers and Bengals tied 20 - 20 late in the 4th quarter

UPDATE: Steelers Win 23 - 20