The Guessing Game


This is a seriously advanced list or my memory is just awful. The only one I know is 10 - Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 2.


yup, that’s it :slight_smile:

yes, that’s the one :+1:

haha, gl with that :wink:

don’t worry, i only picked bosses that are along the better known ones in the game it belongs to. i have the feeling you might know a few others :slight_smile:
as for the DQMJ 2 answer, that’s the right one.


since many haven’t been guessed yet i’ll add some hints

2: the powerful dragon of airyglyph
3: godbird
4: inside sin
5: knights of the seal
6: azunite church
9: the end of time

gl every1


2 Star ocean
3 Dragon quest 8
4 FF 10
5 Drakengard 2
6 Dungeon siege 3
9 Dragon quest monsters



haha i see you’re a gamer as well :wink:

3,4,5 and 6 are all right :+1:
2 is also right but not complete yet
9 however isn’t the right answer


ok 9 is chrono trigger and 2 is star ocean 3 ?


yup :+1:


Wow, well done! I’m kicking myself for forgetting DQ8 and I do not remember that Chrono Trigger boss at all.