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a few words? hmmmm…

Dictionary Entries near appreciation



[appreciated surplus]( surplus)





Definition of appreciation

1a : a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude I want to express my appreciation for all you’ve done. a small token of our appreciation

b : judgment, evaluation especially : a favorable critical estimate

c : sensitive awareness especially : recognition of aesthetic values a class in music appreciation

2 : increase in value
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Adam Sandler Pixel?


You forgot to add: I hope this helps. :laughing:


@yiazmat are they all for the same anime? Or each for a different one?

I recognize Fullmetal Alchemist there (8) and Kirito (6) sword art? Not sure about the rest LOL. My Anime knowledge is not that great!


sorry, this one isn’t included in the list.

they are all different anime

seems you do know a bit about it as the two you mentioned are right :slight_smile: :+1:
6 is indeed sword art online, and kirito u mentioned is the protagonist
8 is also right, it’s indeed fullmetal alchemist


Is 1 Attack on Titan and 4 Yu-Gi-Oh? I’m not very anime savvy either so those are the best guesses I’ve got, lol.


I was hoping Pokemon would be one of them but it’s not :slight_smile:


yup, true on both of them :+1:


since 6 of em aren’t guessed yet, i give a hint to make them easier, it will be a picture of the protagonist:







gl every1 :slight_smile:


3 is death note
7 is future diary
9 is one punch man

And I give up on the rest lol


While the anime specialists try to guess the last ones, here are a couple of cryptic clues. All the answers are (more or less) poker related.

  1. Teams, not only for gentlemen (5 letters)
  2. A coating between a footnote? (7 letters)
  3. Note: everybody’s query (4 letters)
  4. Father takes advantage of breaks (6 letters)
  5. Hurry, I have nothing to eat! (6 letters)


very nice, funny to see you knew 7 as it’s kinda one of the harder ones compared to most the others.

as for teh other 3, i’ll give another hint, which is the amount of letters used in the title. example: attack on titan would be 625, death note would be 54 and fullmetal alchemist would be 99.

ok here the hints:




not really good in cryptic riddles but il give it a try:

1: party?
5: hungry?


Good try, Yiazmat, but they are not the correct answers.

1: “Teams” means you have to look for a synonym in the plural form. “Gentlemen” is a typical British clue. :slight_smile:

5: The answer is a frequent “request” at a poker table, not very polite, made by particularly impatient people.


Ok I had some help this time but I got them:

2 Tokyo Ghoul
5 Bleach (not so sure about this one)
10 ao no exorcist aka blue exorcist (got this one from the name of the pic you posted lol)

  1. Mates
  2. Players
  3. Call

Have to think a bit more on 4 and 5

  1. and 3. are correct! Well done! :slight_smile:
    No. 1 is not the answer I am looking for. Think of St. James’s Street, Grapevine. :slight_smile:

  1. Table?


4 = pauses
5 = faster


1 = clubs


Correct! Well done, Tarnegol and Maya! :clap::clap::clap: