The Guessing Game


Lol correct on all three, even extra correct on the first one!


Can you guess where this still pic is taken from?


The Simpsons intro.
The shows creators sometimes vary the length of the intro to adjust the shows running time to suit the allotted time segment.


Brilliant @feelmysins well done. It’s the SImpsons intro.


Words games around Italian food

  1. Say the words out loud and guess the answer (one word, 5 letters):
    Peas aah
  2. Find the missing vowels for the answer (one word, 8 letters)
  3. Say what you see (one word, 9 letters)
  4. Cryptic: The waiter didn’t understand my order and served me tapas instead (one word, 5 letters)
  5. Add a letter: End of a shoelace + o, then anagram (one word, 6 letters)
  6. Rebus: Combine words indicated by the clues for the answer (one word, 7 letters)
    Longest Italian river + loaned + first letter







All correct. Very well done, Tiandra!
Now the last two. :slight_smile:


Po-lent-a Polenta


Gelato ?


Brava Maya! Both correct. :slight_smile:
And now I am hungry. LOL


Here are a couple of “Tom Swifties” for you to guess during a break from poker.

Tom Swifties are bad adverbial puns. :slight_smile: You provide the adverb.
Two examples: “I always go camping,” said Tom intently. “I need a pencil sharpener,” said Tom bluntly.

They all end in “ly”.

  1. “I’ll make my own Ketchup!” announced Tom … (7 letters, starts with s)
  2. “Mary loves modern paintings,” said Tom … (10 letters, starts with a )
  3. “He is my favourite Spanish tenor”, said Tom … (8 letters, starts with p)
  4. “The temperature is increasing day by day,” stated Tom … (6 letters, starts with w)
  5. “I’m freezing,” said Tom … (5 letters, starts with i)
  6. “I wasn’t at school today,” said Tom … (8 letters, starts with a)

  1. Saucily
  2. Abstractly
  3. Placidly
  4. Warmly
  5. Icily
  6. Absently


Wow, Grapevine! All correct! You seem to be an expert of Tom Swifties! :+1:
“I confess, I love bad puns,” said Miri candidly.


“Candidly, I love candy”, says Kate sweetly. :popcorn::birthday::cake:


“A lemon pie is much better,” Miri answers tartly.


“I had no clue about Swifties”, said Maya swiftly but cluelessly :slight_smile:


Some one call ? … said c1ueless, cluelessly :wink:


here a bunch of movie quotes :slight_smile:
the idea is to name the movie or serie the quote is from

hint: they are all fantasy or scifi movies/series

1: first we survive, then we get our humanity back
2: you shall not pass
3: may the odds be ever in your favor
4: we are at peace, always.
5: one part brave, three parts fool
6: the pink stars are falling in lines
7: faction above blood
8: winter is coming
9: save the cheerleader, save the world
10: the boy who lived has come to die

have fun every1 :grin: :+1:


1 The 100
2 Lord of The Rings
3 Hunger Games
4 V?
5 Eragon?
6 Under the Dome
7 Divergent
8 Game of Thrones
9 Heroes
10 Harry Potter


wow, very nice. correct on all 10 of them.
didn’t knew you were such a big fantasy fan. wd :+1: