The Guessing Game


omg one of my fav bands number 5 ! Coldplay! haha


dang can’t stop singing gimme gimme gimme now :wink:


She’s bringing Abba back :slight_smile:
Love her versions of their songs.


Abba tunes will live forever I reckon


You got both! 3 is Garbage and 5 is Coldplay.

Lightning fast, both of you! :smiley:


wooooot wd Maya ! and ty Fizzy :smiley:


Thanks Shady you too :slight_smile:


most welcome :slight_smile:


Each one of these is a song title and the name of its singer/band with all the vowels removed (including the letter y). Can you guess them?

  1. nthrbrcknthwllpnkfld
  2. nthrnbtsthdstqn
  3. nthrcrcknmhrttktht

  1. Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd


Correct. Well done Tia. 2 and 3 remain.

  1. Another one bites the dust - Queen


Very well done. Only one left.


Another crack in my heart, take that


Perfect. Well done :clap:

Too good not to post it but can anyone list all the songs used here.


Wow cool video!!! Should also name all the celebrities who appeared. Too many songs jammed in there. Let’s see who can name them :slight_smile:


I’ll start it off and everybody can jump in
0:05. Mamma Mia (by the receptionist)
0:17. Watch Out. Rik Mayall (record boss yelling in the background)


Loving the guy behind Rick Mayall wearing the Rudolph Nureyev pants haha … …omg brilliant vid I recognised I do I do I do I do … one of my fav abba songs. Ring Ring. Winner takes it all. Waterloo.
Just some.
RIP Rick Mayall died far too young falling from a quad bike. Famous for his fabulous roles in The Young Ones and Bottom. Saw Cher in there too !


Yes to all those Shady.
I think there are at least 15 songs and a few cameo appearances so still a lot to .