The Guessing Game


Well done @whoeverit :clap:



The capital of this French region is not to win. Can you guess the region?


I suppose you mean Toulouse, capital of the region Occitanie.


Well done as usual Miri :clap:


One of my jobs on Replay is as a translator, but I don’t usually have this sort of problem!
Who can translate this sentence first?

:black_joker: j=p …:lock: l=p+e+ :tv:-v …a+ :rice: -ri+s


Poker Pocket Aces??


thank you @miri123 that is correct :clap:t3:


Who can translate this one ?

p+ :rose:-se+c+ :ram: m=s+ :necktie: e=n+a+ :necktie: e=o+n … i+ :bus: -bu … :necktie: i=h … t+ :necktie: t=h+f … :ox: x=f … :necktie: e=m+e


Procrastination is the thief of time?


again correct, well done @miri123 :clap:t3:


I give you here some relevant facts from the biographies of famous people. Can you guess who they are?

  1. Which great English writer worked several months in a factory, aged 12, while his father was in a debtors’ prison?
  2. Which “parsimonious” English monk was summoned to Avignon to answer some charges of heresy, but had to flee from there to Bavaria?
  3. These two beloved American actors met at Juilliard School and had a fraternal relationship until the one died 9 years after an accident that had left him paralysed. The other committed suicide at the age of 63. Who are they?
  4. Which “nightmarish” writer asked on his death bed his lifelong friend to burn all his unpublished manuscripts, but he luckily ignored his request?


I know #3 because I share a birthday with one of them (July 21) - Not a hint for prezzies or cards, lol

I suspect #4 is Edgar Allan Poe?



#4 is not correct, Rob. This writer lent his name to an adjective which is synonym of nightmarish, scary or surreal.

  1. Charles Dickens … I like most of his writing and have read “The Pickwick Papers” several times.
    2, Ockham ,…of Ockhams Razor fame
    3 Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams
    final one. Could it be Wes Craven??


The first three are correct, Whoeverit! Very well done! :clap:

#4 is not Wes Craven
The most famous novel of the writer I’m looking for was published posthumously, and tells the story of Joseph K. who is arrested and prosecuted by an inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime revealed neither to him nor to the reader.
Not less surreal or “…” are his other novels, like the one in which a salesman wakes up in his bed to find himself transformed into a large insect.


Rob, if you share your birthday with Robin Williams on the 21st of July, you’ll be a year older in a few days. Big party? :slight_smile:


Franz Kafka ?


Well done, miss Maya! :clap:
I hope my questions were not too “kafkaesque”. :grin:


Hi, No party, I am afraid.

Probably just relax in a beer garden somewhere and reminisce about how close England came in the World Cup.


New Quiz: Whose Birthday is it today? :laughing:

Happy Birthday @Chasetheriver :gift: :birthday: