The Guessing Game


Correct @Chasetheriver well done :clap:


Can you guess these 2 songs suggested by @Chasetheriver ?


#2 One way or the other - Blondie


I’m afraid it’s not the correct answer. Please try again.


2 is Teenage Kicks…by The Undertones.
1 is going round and round in my head… I know it but cant think of the name


2 is correct. Well done @whoeverit

Let’s try to make the first one easier to guess:


ohhhhh … might it be ‘Cool For Cats’ by Squeeze ?


It is. Well done.

I am amazed it took so long.



What is the common bond of following cities (probably invented by their own PR teams long ago for some cities, in more recent times for others)?

St. Petersburg


Venice (Venice of the north)


Very well done, C1ueless!
All the cities I listed (and many more) are nicknamed “Venice of the North”.


Can you guess what word can refer to a capital city, to a currency and to the French word for a food widely regarded as the enemy of every slimming diet?




Brava, Maya! :clap: It is indeed Sucre.

is the constitutional capital of Bolivia,
was the currency of Ecuador till 2000,
is the French word for sugar.


Can you guess these songs?


My guess for # 2 ‘Blame it on the Boogie’ bij The Jackson 5


That’s correct! Well done @Tiandra

2 songs remain to be guessed.


No 3 I should be so lucky Kylie Minogue


Correct! Well done @Shady

Only the first song remains to be guessed.


No 1 …tough Intro …can you give us a little more please ?